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Disappointed stories in comicbook

Created by voidstone, 1 y 4 mo 12 d ago.

Which stories would have had a good start, but the end was disappointing


Tyrannus 1 y 12 d
Disappointed stories in comicbook
48 months member
X-Men Schism

Cyclops and Wolverine fight over training mutants kids how to defend themselves. Wolverine tries going on his high horse saying its wrong to use kids as soldiers but that's not what happened. Literally anyone who was a mutant was being killed, even children. So Cyclops wanted them to be able to defend themselves so they literally don't die. His number 1 priority was their survival.
After Wolverine creates his own X-Men he literally goes on to teach his own students about assassination missions.

Avengers vs X-Men.

After realising that the Phoenix is coming after Hope Summers, the Avengers try to forcibly take Hope from Utopia (its own sovereign nation). Had the roles been reversed and the X-Men demanded Scarlet Witch be taken, the Avengers would fight to the death.
When the Phoenix 5 (the Avengers fault) instead use their powers to bring about global peace and end world hunger, the Avengers still try and steal Hope. Wolverine even tries to kill Hope. A child.
The Avengers were clearly the villains in this story but somehow the blame all goes to Cyclops because mutant scum.
RajinKabir 1 y 4 mo 3 d
Disappointed stories in comicbook
35 months member
I was disappointed at the ending of King In Black. But the series was good.
SuperSomebody 1 y 4 mo 11 d
Disappointed stories in comicbook
23 months member
Dog Man
ArshiaShahlaei 1 y 4 mo 12 d
Disappointed stories in comicbook
31 months member
Marvel Comics about future ..
like God of thunder 2012 or Thor Vol 5
I wont spoil it but those were too dark
wade 1 y 4 mo 12 d
Disappointed stories in comicbook
18 months member
DCeased and Marvel Zombies 100%. Not the comic itself but the comicbook stories that took place after the original.