Delete all Ben 10 Transformations

Created by SSpiderGwen, 5 mo 4 d ago.

Why do we need all the transformation monsters when we can just have one separate profile for it? This is unnecessary we don't need to include all the Ben 10 mutations.


Tigerking2020 5 mo 2 d
Delete all Ben 10 Transformations
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They should stay in my opinion, they tend to have separate personalities and abilities apart from the user. It would be great to include a profile for them just to show how powerful each alien is in the Omnitrix. They still technically count as characters. Think of them as video game characters and Ben being the one controlling them.

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SuperSomebody 5 mo 4 d
Delete all Ben 10 Transformations
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There should be an option to upvote or downvote a topic