Death of the Justice League?

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After bendis run on the justice league... Joshua williamson (who is currently running justice league incarnate, deathstroke inc, robin, batman)is taking over the new justice league arc where he focus on the death of major important members of the justice league in justice league # 75 (april 19,i think)... Its not an alternate earth story its from main dc continuity...


Tyrannus 2 y 4 mo 8 d
Death of the Justice League?
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So they've decided to kill off the JL members? I think I understand some of it. Its a cool shock factor and also it helps make way for the newer heroes.
Kal-El has given up his role as Superman to his son.
I don't believe Batman will stay dead at all. They've done this before and it won't last. If they are at least make Tim Drake Batman. There's not much difference between him and Bruce anyway.
There's too many Green Lanterns anyway. Should have stopped after Kyle. From the picture though it looks like its probably John or Guy. Should have been Simon or Jessica.
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IAMlegend87069 2 y 4 mo 8 d
Death of the Justice League?
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I am thinking this is only a temporary death's for these characters because of the upcoming crisis event this year
masterking2 2 y 4 mo 8 d
Death of the Justice League?
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@MaseTheFace ?