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Voted: Orion

I have to get some sleep but we'll continue this tomorrow
Voted: Orion

Orion has taken a heavy punch by Superman, unfazed. Orion has tanked a motherbox explosion, has taken hits from Sivaa's energy blades, unfazed. He has taken bullets, with his type kryptonite, unfazed. One blow won't effect Orion at all. Not to mention he probably wouldn't even be able to land it on Orion. Orion has blitzed a number of fleets, and is equal to Superman in strength. And if Black Bolt does mind control him, what will he do? (Also I'm probably wrong on this question and it sounds cocky but when has BB used mind control?)
328 days ago
I already have a very big list (3 month old battle requests), but will try to fit them in somewhere
Voted: Orion

How does speed not matter in this situation? Speed is one of the most important parts of a battle, and Orion has that factor. Black Bolt and Orion are around the same intelligence, and even if Black Bolt manages to realize that Orion is about to attack him, which he can't think FTL, Orion would've already struck. And obviously he won't realize straight away Orion's weak spot, but he will get the first attack, possibly a speed blitz, and if not Orion is immortal, along with healing, is another big factor. There's a low chance Black Bolt will use these abilities. He's not really the "killing" type. There's no doubt this will be a decent length battle, just enough time for Orion to realize where he gets his power
Voted: Orion

With Orion's intellect, he'll wonder why that thing is there and then act on it. Speaking of not knowing things, Black Bolt doesn't know how fast Orion is, so he won't realize what is about to happen. Orion also has FTL movement, (not as FTL as him flying) , but he will still be able to get on super quick
Voted: Orion

Black Bolt may be really fast, but he can't think fast. Which is required to stop something FTL
Voted: Orion

Black Bolt can not do his attacks faster than majorly FTL
Voted: Orion

Okay, I will try not to use many points I made in my video. So one of Black Bolt's biggest weaknesses is that if the tuning fork on his head is dented, broken, it will disable all of his powers. Now his voice power is not going to be included in this battle simply because Black Bolt won't use it unless it's absolutely necessary. You could argue about him having the space gem, but he never uses it anyways, even if he had it. He has constantly shown to be a challenge for Superman, and even ripped Darkseid's heart out in Death of the New Gods. Now as I said before, Orion will easily be able to break his tuning fork. And even though Black Bolt may be FTL, Orion is even faster with the astro harness..
Voted: Orion

Who shall start?
Voted: Orion

Sure, I have to go soon though

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