Colleen Wing (MCU)

Colleen Wing (MCU)

Colleen Wing


Colleen Wing (MCU)'s powers and abilities

Chi Absorption: Colleen Wing was able to absorb the chi energy from Davos' body and transfer it into her own body, gaining the abilities of the Iron Fist.

Iron Fist Punch: By channeling the chi and focusing it into her hand and wrist, Wing can make her fist super-humanly powerful and resistant to injury and pain. With her fist in this state, Wing can exert superhuman strength and force with which she can punch her opponents with tremendous concussive force without sustaining injuries to herself. Wing was able to shatter the ground with a powerful punch in order to stop Davos from getting close to her. Whenever she does summon the Iron Fist, her hand glows white, rather than yellow or red like Danny Rand or Davos.

Chi Blast: Colleen Wing's fist is able to release powerful waves of concussive force upon impact, sending not only her opponent flying backward but all those around them.

Chi Channeling: Colleen Wing has the power to channel her chi, which she employs in combination with her Katana, making the blade glow just like the Iron Fist. It is unknown if this augments the strength of the blade or not.

Strength Level

400 kg • 882 lb

Super Powers

AgilityIntelligencePeak Human Condition