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Centaurians in comics and movies.

Centaurian heroes and villains.

The extraterrestrial race known as the Centaurians originated in the Milky Way Galaxy from the planet Centauri-IV in a region known as the Beta Centauri star system. They further expanded to the neighboring Alpha Centauri star system, where they coexisted with various other inhabitants such as the Alpha Centaurians of Arima and the Centurii of Centuri-Six. The species are blue humanoids with red crest on their craniums. The Centaurian people after thousand years of development have split into two sects, based on the religious beliefs. The first sect is the Habaktu,[citation needed] they are followers of the Circle of Life, which is their people's holy path and is guided by sharing a oneness with the deity Anthos. The second sect is known as the Akuun, those without faith. They eventually become a spacefaring and make contact with humanity in the year 2990 AD.

Motaro Gotaro