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15th Anniversary Votery

Win amazing prizes!

Let's celebrate 15 years of Superhero Database with an awesome Votery (vote lottery). It's not actually a lottery, since it isn't random.

One of the biggest most used parts of the website is the Battle-feature. We all love it, right!? So, I thought it would be fun to use that for the prize giveaway.

How can I win?

If you can guess the total amount of votes submitted by September 29th 2020, you win an awesome prize! The closer you are to the final amount, the bigger the prize.

Oh, come on, help me out a bit!

To not make it a complete blind guess, here is some info to help you make the right guess;
Total lifetime votes up to January 1st 2020: 325,274
Total lifetime votes up to June 1st 2020: 467,354

Good luck!
-- Galactus


1x Nano Gauntlet

Nano Gauntlet (Movie Promo Edition)

Nano Gauntlet (Movie Promo Edition)

2x $50.- Gift Card

Gift card of $50.- (US) of your choice*
* Amazon, PSN, XBOX, Steam, other suggestions, as long as you're able to receive them.

Gift Cards

5x $10.- Amazon Gift Card

Amazon gift card of $10.- (US)

All participants

You will receive a unique 15th Anniversay Votery Award. You get either a bronze, silver or gold version, depending on how close you were to the final vote count.


  • Your ticket number is your guess on how many battle votes will be submitted1 on SHDB's 15th birthday (September 29th 2020 00:00)
  • The winner will be the user with a ticket number closest2 to the final vote count, either above or below the final vote count.
  • All ticket numbers are unique.
  • The number of tickets is based on your account age; for each 15 full weeks, you get 1 ticket, with a maximum of 10.
  • All users can enter, except Galactus.
  • You can only win a maximum of 1 prize (plus an award).
  • You can not change or delete any of your tickets after submitting.
  • No country is excluded, but you need to be eligible to receive the prize.
  • You can start submitting your tickets on September 4th 2020
  • Entering tickets will be closed at September 22nd 2020 23:59 (In 7 Months 25 Days ).
  • Duplicate account tickets will be removed, including your main account tickets. Cheating will be punished!
* All dates and times are based on Pacific Daylight Time (PDT). 1 Before the final winning vote count is revealed, I will clean up duplicate account votes. 2 When two tickets are equally apart from the final vote count (one lower and one higher), the first submitted will be the winner. The other will be nr2.

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