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Voted: Goku

Gokupotence>>>Screewattack Superman
Not voted yet

Main Factors are Sorcerrer supremes. Without them Diana mostly carriers the team
Voted: Doomsday (DCEU)

I also hate this Dceu disgusting monster but she is not his league. i agree she beats ares because Ares despite being more powerful he is mega jobber but doomsday curbs hela despite i love her ( practically Miwltf ❤ )
Voted: Doomsday (DCEU)

Lool at Hela saying. Doomsday wrecks. He just fries her with heat vision
Voted: Team Deathstroke

Just as @AndreasVer said
Voted: Link

Link compared to Mario has really skills and combat experience including Martial arts training. Link is faster etc. He wins. Mario cannot even fight but jump and using power ups
Voted: Shazam

@SirSpidey: Your lvl of knowledge of Newton dynamic laws is 0. Lool he cannot move or clap away in space. Lool another hulk wankers moment. Do not even know how laws of nature works
Voted: Shazam

Shazam is more inteligent, more haxes, powers and definitely faster
Voted: Doomsday (DCEU)

So u guys puts practically putting Dachshund against Tyranosaurus Rex. Very fair match. DD mops the floor with Hulk testines. DD just have to fry his face and he is done
Voted: Faora (DCEU)

MCU Hulk **** still exist i see. In Joke Battle Hulk stomps BUT IN DEATH BATTLE Faora one punches. He got beaten by fat inferior MCU Thanos who is a joke in Infinity War without gems

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