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Voted: Damien Darhk (CW)

That holy true but wait for MCU fanboys. They will babble she destroyed the featless in dur. stats gem bla bla bla
Voted: Ancient One (MCU)

Mirror Dimension and Stephen is screwed
Voted: Supergirl (CW)

And i don't care
Voted: Supergirl (CW)

Amen. Have a nice day
Voted: Supergirl (CW)

Sometimes i am hesitating to do this but thre is no such option as banning to user's wish. I just lost belief in this site. I was expecting this page to be filled with as intelligent debaters like Comicvine but it turns out to be w*nkpage where people just votes for their favourite characters and that's all. I just don't care what @Galactus is gonna do to my account.
Voted: Supergirl (CW)

Ahh now ur contradicting yourself 😂😂😂😂. Lool your level of logic just discoraged me.
Good luck,
Have a nice day.
Voted: Wonder Woman (DCEU)

I loved WW. It was so emotional to me. I love such movies 💖🌹. Aquaman is cool. I hope Shazam will be awesome too
Voted: Supergirl (CW)

Kara is also by FEATS stronger, more versatile etc. Freeze breath and punch that's all.
According to your logic i am tree buster because i can break my pencil. Or I can take bath in the sun because my body can survive that kind of think etc. Your logic is senseless. He was exposed to small fraction of this small star. Kara has tanked explosion of literally destructive effects. Thor's feat in inquantifable. We can still use stupid outliers.
Voted: Supergirl (CW)

Keep dreaming. Pfff normally like f*cking annoying Kratos fanboys who complains anyone ignores words of author. Live action on screen feats are always far above feats stated. So Kara simply wins because she normally tanked explosion which instantly spreaded on continental/50 % global range. U lost give up.
Voted: Supergirl (CW)

I won't because this is actually funny to me. I simply enjoy toying with and enjoy your pathethic lvl of logic