Ashwathama's weapons

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Ashwathama's equipment


Ashwathama has the Brahmastra which is a really powerful divyastra. It can protect Ashwathama and when fired, it is devastating. It can not only kill people through its own power but is also mystical in nature. The Brahmastra can easily destroy planets, stars, solar systems, and even galaxies. When used improperly, it can destroy a fraction of the universe. It has harmed multiversal beings. When fired, it can incinerate the surroundings, cause infertility to life in the area, and destroy the crops in the area. It is a destructive weapon which can take the form of an energy blast and can be invoked through a blade of grass, a bow or out of nothingness. It will follow its opponent if need be. It has destroyed Blastoid armor and even harmed Zeron. This weapon is especially good against people with evil in them, but some people can even use it. However, it can only be countered by weapons more powerful than it and cannot be stopped, but only faded.


Although it isn't as powerful as the Brahmastra, it can cause insane damage. This weapon can control any fire in the universe, even hellfire. When this weapon is invoked, it can cause fiery meteors to strike out of the sky, setting the surroundings on fire and can turn day into night as the world is burned. This astra can cause fiery weapons such as arrows, spears, shurikens, maces, spiked maces, and spinning wheels of death, all on fire to strike the ground.


This is the counter to the Agneyastra and is one of the few weapons which can soothe the effects of the Agneyastra. This weapon can create tsunamis and giant tidal waves when needed to be devastating, however, it can create mystical spring water which can heal injuries and put out the Agneyastra with ease. This weapon can also be used to drench opponents in water and put out large fires with no problem. Even Hellfire has faded due to this weapon. It can also cause rain.


Ashwathama cannot use this weapon again as he has already used it, however, this weapon is deadly enough to control the fundamental concept of war. For example, it can control all weapons in the world, enhance them by magic, and use them to strike planets and destroy them. This weapon can kill any foe unless they bow down to it, however, Ashwathama used this weapon irresponsibly and he cannot use it again, for if he does, while it cannot kill HIM, it can kill all of his friends.

Bow of Drona

This bow was Ashwathama's father's bow. It is nearly unbreakable and can fire his arrows with deadly precision. Ashwathama can shoot other deadly astras with this bow such as the Rudrastra which can fire a deadly beam of energy which can kill evil-doers and the Garudastra which can protect him from attacks and counter the deadly Nagastra. He can also create illusions, cover battlefields in darkness, create force-fields, and heal people with certain arrows.

No equipment or weapons connected to Ashwathama