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Voted: Martian Manhunter (CW)

Wooow u discovered America. Btw Thanos has nothing against Martian telepathy. Thanos brute strenght won't help him against phaser and telepath. Come at me now
Voted: Martian Manhunter (CW)

If this is Gloveless Thanos he gets curbstomped even in h2h but with gauntlet he will snap but Thanos is too stupid to think of doing that so martian still mumbo jumbos
Voted: Dark Phoenix

Ok sorry for behaving like a child. I considered this forum as forum full of reasonable people etc. But it seems there is no such forum that ****** or haters don't exist. Youtube is the worst like VS Battle wiki. Only comicvine has the littlest numbers of wankers and haters
Voted: Dark Phoenix

because this really destroys me when people makes him omnipotent being on lucifer lvl. worse than Superman with youtube force
@SirSpidey @TheNemianLion but he is impartial anytime and really knows the stuff. not allwise but really greater debater than most on youtube and in this page
DanCo is smartest guy on the youtube. He is wiser than entire Death Battle cast, VS Battle wiki, Naruto forums, Quora together joined. Seriously he really know the stuff.

I don't care what this sh*tty youtube comment section says. People proves they don't read comics but they are just biased dc/marvel fanboys putting stupid reasons etc. !

Voted: Dark Phoenix

Will this sh'itty Thor **** stop !!!?
Voted: Supergirl (CW)

Lool Kara destroys him easily
haha very funny
Voted: Team Black Widow (MCU)

@LordTracer: Statements from Feige means 💩 to me. Feige says MCU Surtur is 4 km tall and he wasn't even 400 m tall