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Latest comments

Voted: Team Black Widow (MCU)

@LordTracer: Statements from Feige means 💩 to me. Feige says MCU Surtur is 4 km tall and he wasn't even 400 m tall
Voted: Team Captain America

Wooow Wanda can solo lool
Voted: Thanos (MCU)

Thanos slaps their asses
Voted: Team Thanos

Ok sorry but this really annoys me. Ok i know that that Hulk and Thor are practically most popular marvel characters now but this is exaggeration
Voted: Team Thanos

Jesus don't tell me Thor and Hulk are even wanked here
Voted: Team Dr Manhattan

Only Ares and Martian caries the Team
Voted: Green Arrow

Oliver impresses me more
Voted: Team Captain America

Want must go insane + her hax bolts aren't efficient anytime but i agree Wanda can solo
Voted: Team Doomsday (DCEU)

dceu team easily. Only hela matters and Surtur is plot device only
Voted: Gandalf

Jobbing Gandalf loses but serious stomps with ease

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