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Starter: Galactus

You can now suggest character to be added to the database (link below).
Once you've added a characters it will be added to the 'voting' list. If 4 other users upvote your suggestion it will be added*.

If you made a mistake, you can delete your suggestion.
If anything isn't working, let me know in the comments.

*For now the character has to be added to the website manually by me. I just want to see how things will go for now.



wolfdragon123 5 days ago
Avatar: The Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra characters
1+ years member.
PinkWolf 5 days ago
Characters from Claymore
NetHand 24 days ago
Add characters from the inFAMOUS series
sonyablade 26 days ago
Hey guys, can you please update the characters pics according to latest shows
Animuislifu 30 days ago
Red X and Dante Redgrave
sonyablade 30 days ago
add mortal kombat characters.
sonyablade 30 days ago
Add charm caster, lucky girl, vilgax from ben 10
sonyablade 30 days ago
can you please add characters from powerpuff girls
sonyablade 30 days ago
can you please add the characters from steven universe
WatsonDragon 45 days ago
Do we HELP set the powers and abilities of our additions? Because I've seen a few OFF ones. Like OPM i think he's durability should be 100, few other characters same.. Just a question of course.
SirSpidey 47 days ago
Could anyone who knows of Stick from the Daredevil comics and the recent TV show go vote for him at the add characters forum. Here is the link:
SirSpidey 49 days ago
Could anyone who knows of Stick from the Daredevil comics and the recent TV show go vote for him at the add characters forum.
Here is the link:
SirSpidey 49 days ago
@Galactus are you still adding characters or should I not bother suggesting a character?
Soulcollecter57 50 days ago
I would like to see shuma gorath, mad Jim jaspers, molecule man, and impossible man. All very powerful characters that deserve more recognition.
1+ years member.
MurderNova11 51 days ago
Living tribubal,arishem the judge,the inbetwener
Ryker137 51 days ago
Baytor, Six Pack, Guts, Powertool, The Grapplah, Dog Welder, and Bueno Excellent from Section 8
remy94 88 days ago
The Lone Ranger would be a awesome character to have on this site.
clamulct21 114 days ago
Hey guys, Put stats for the following character, please!! 1. Mister Miracle 2. Violator 3. Starman 4. Black Manta 5. Crimson Crusader 6. Phantom 7. Spirit 8. Fire 9. Bloodwraith 10. Crimson Dynamo I need their stats. I'm doing a round robin tournament with heros/villains. Please help me out. Thanks.
Read more at:
Galactus 115 days ago
@mintberry Here you go:
10+ years member.
mintberrycrunch9406 115 days ago
add the coon and friends from south park
remy94 115 days ago
We have Godzilla, now we need at lest one of his foes, Keizer Ghiorah is consider his Arch nemesis.
remy94 119 days ago
the Transformers also need to be added, Octimus Prime and the Autobots, and Megatron and the Decepticons.
ProHunk 119 days ago
Gutt's from Berserk should be added too.One of the most powerfull character from Berserk world.In berserk armor he is as strong as Thor.Just a suggestion tho !
remy94 119 days ago
Galactus could you add Godzilla to the database
remy94 123 days ago
Galactus please add Godzilla to the database.
MadDog 150 days ago
I made an account just so I could put in a suggestion. I was surprised to not see Jackie Estacado aka "The Darkness" from TopCow Comics. I think it'd be a great addition and he is known partially already, on account of the video games.
remy94 165 days ago
Godzilla needs to be added.
Galaxy 184 days ago
In fact im making a new conversation called galaxy I will be posting the characters there
Galaxy 184 days ago
As for anyone else who wants to see any of the characters look in the general conversation I will be posting one character there and comment on that post if you want be to post more characters we've made
Galaxy 184 days ago
Hello I am starting a new comic book company called galaxy comics we have a good sum of characters we would like to add to the database and we would love all the publicity so if I could get your email Galactus and show you the progress we have started working on then that would be great.
Raikonen 207 days ago
I realize that he is already in the database, but I would like to request that Aquaman is ranked up, at least to rank 20, as he is equal to or more powerful than even Superman while in water, and although he is almost never depicted at this level in the animated series' due to most believing he is far less powerful than he actually is and DC not wanting to debate with enthusiasts on the power of a character they created, it has been shown in the comics that while on land, he is roughly at the power level of Wonder Woman on land, possibly being a good bit more so. So again I ask you to please consider bringing him to around rank 18-21. Thank you, and goodnight.
Schankster125 208 days ago
Blackfire Starfire's older sister
MakeMineMarvel 226 days ago
Sorba Rutskaya - the female Red Ghost from marvel's Ultimate Universe.
Ming the Merciless
Princess Aura
ale Arden
3+ years member.
blahturretx 248 days ago
Vampirella (Dynamite Entertainment.) Because why not?
2+ years member.
Doctorus 253 days ago
Lucifer Morningstar (DC)
MakeMineMarvel 254 days ago
Platinum from the Metal Men
3+ years member.
Galactus 254 days ago
Please use the link to add a character.
Please use the search to see if a character is already in the database.
10+ years member.
flamingtayo 258 days ago
madara from naruto
kryptonkid 258 days ago
Ozymandias from Watchmen
2+ years member.

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