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remy94 Spectre vs Thanos 23 minutes ago
Once again a easy win for the Spectre.
To quot the Dc Comics Encyclopedia, Wonder Woman is "As wise as Athena, Stronger then Heracles, swift as Hermes, and as beautiful as Aphrodite" with this said Diana will be the victor, although Hercules is the god strength, Wonder Woman is a Amazon who was molded from clay and given the powers of the Greek gods.
Martian Manhunter does have the advantage of more powers and abilities over Darkseid, so why is Uxas still consider more powerful then he is in comics, well because the powers of Darkseid are on a much higher level and he uses them to a greater degree, then the MM who has many of the same powers, for example Darkseid is stronger, more powerful, and extremely more invulnerable. I believe it's a clear win for Darkseid.
Wonder Woman picked up Thor's hammer in a Marvel/Dc crossover. I think WW would win because she is worthy of Thor's hammer, has been training in combat her whole life, and has strength that about matches Thor's.
This is just an unfair fight.
I don't know who would win this fight. Wolverine has been ripped in half, stabbed through the heart, and more and has still lived. But Lobo is literally sentenced not to die. I think Lobo would end up winning, but this is a great fight.
The kings of sea would have a vary epic battle, these two have the same powers and it's hard to say who would win, Namor is slightly stronger and should be more durable then Orin, but I still see Aquaman winning his speed is over three times that of Namor, and the power of the Trident gives him a big advantage.
He is one of the greatest heroes of myths, have defeated creatures as the Hydra.
But he will not defeat Darkseid or Dormammu he is to limited as character.
Easy victory for the son of Zeus !
At least in the Marvel Universe the purpose of gods, the reason for their existence is not realy sought out. In this Universe at least they seem to realy have Origins with a greater purpose in the Universe.
The first gods to come to existence were the Elder Gods as i think you already know.
Hercules is not a God but a Demigod only from his father he got an immortal herritage.
But then i agree if a character like Superman would be real and come to earth i think he will be seen as a God. Because of that i sometimes writes godlike powers or proportions about characters like Superman, Silver surfer or Martian Manhunter because they are truely very powerful as gods or demigods.
Then again Superman will beat the lion of olympos not because of strength or Combat skill but all the other powers the man of steel have that Hercules do not have. We do have same oppinion in this one !
Considered by humans, yes Hercules is a god, but by Superman he would be considered just some one with superpowers, to say that being a god makes you different or special from other beings does not make sense, gods are just beings with powers much like powerful aliens. For the winner of this matchup I voted Superman, he is a character of infinite power and would easily win over Hercules.
The Thing gets beaten again, how come :-) ?
Even if the aggressiv Mutant is one of my most loved characters i have to be a bit realistic. Wolverine is an extremely leathel opponent with super powers, enhanced body with adamantium with matching claws in the very same material.
Also he got like 160 years of training and battle because he is about 180 years of age. But what is all that when facing a demigod of war, the son of Zeus ?
Wolverine cant defeat a Demigod of war who is several thousend years of age.
bolubee101 Flash II 1 days ago
Apart from his intelligence I have no problem with the flash's power stats. If supes gets a 100 i beleive the flash deserves so too. His intelligence is underrated!
This match-up looks like a huge upset, as Predator is rated way higher on the Powergrid and a little higher on the uSTATS. Having said that, I like upsets, so I will vote for Moon Knight as well, even though I do not know much about him.
3+ years member.
the Spectre is the most powerful superhero in comics, and I do not think Shazam will even come close to outmatching him.
remy94 Spectre 1 days ago
Update Spectre
This is a easily win for the man of steel, Superman is invulnerable to damage, plus Supes could also defeat One Punch Man with well one punch.
This is were it ends for Moon Knight.
The Dark lords of the Starwars universe is more powerful then he is.
In my opinion they are above all Super Normals and Low level metahumans.
I think they are the equal to about Midd and High Level Metahumans.
Moon Knight will become the victorious versus Predator.
A character i like a lot and hope will be a film in the Mcu.


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