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Im a realy big fan of the aggressiv mutant and of course would öike him to cut all his adversarys to pieces.
Wolverine is very lethal and beats the vast majority who dares facing him, not the least if its a close range combat.
Regeneration at a very high level and bones covered in Adamantium as well as claws that may cut threw close to anything.
oomsday is a behemoth beyond the mutants level, an opponent for characters as Superman, Shazam or Martian Manhunter. Wolverine is without a chans in this battle !
If Goku was a true hero he would answer the impossible question that superman answered which is what happens when unstoppable force meets a immovable object
I agree with you Remy, Doomsday would eventually throw Wolverine into outer space or he could tare his head off and completely destroy the body
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How does Wolverine have a 100 combat but Batgirl doesn't?
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A ninja is a character trained in the mystical oriental arts of ninjutsu. The skills are used for assassination, espionge, kidnapping etc
This is traditionally not actions of a superhero.
How ever there are characters trained in the arts who are superheroes deflected from
the path as assassins or just been trained in the arts.
aredevil and Elektra in the Marvel universe and Batman in the Dc universe may be concidered superhero Ninjas !
remy94 Team Battle 19 hours ago
Epic battle
The link above talks about probably the most powerful Force user to ever live. You will be surprised what jedis and sith can accomplish. So I suggest you read about the link above
Frost freezes Wolverine, game over
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Random Marvel vs DC match up.
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Appex1234 Venompool 1 days ago
staright awesome
Animuislifu 4 vs 4 1 days ago
This could go a million ways. Here is one.
Round One
r. Strange vs Dr. Manhattan= Dr. Manhattan
Thor vs Superman= Superman
Hulk vs aquaman= Hulk
Scarlett Witch vs WOnder Woman= Wonder Woman?
Round Two
r. Manhattan vs Superman= Dr. Manhattan
Hulk vs wonder woman = Wonder Woman
Round three
r. Manhattan vs Wonder Woman= Dr. Manhattan
Team Manhattan wins. Though if team Doctor Stranger had the Spectre instead of aquaman then htey might have won this.
He needs to be added
I think that the Justice league would be able to beat the teen titans because they are older and more developed than the justice league. (thought I like the teen Titans more than the Justice league). Plus according to this site, Darkseid wins against Trigon
I think out of he ones listed, the best engineers is Dr. Who.
I think Han Solo because he is in charge on the millennium falcon.


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