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How is Harley stronger and more durable than Nightwing?
2+ years member.
Spectre94 Team Battle 19 minutes ago
Who wins?
Nitecrow Thor vs Amazo 37 minutes ago
Wolfdragon123 you say that impossible ask doomsday he killed superman
SirSpidey Team Battle 5 hours ago
Take out Thor and put Sentry, then it would be a fair fight
1+ years member.
Maybe, you could suggest them again and again and again until Galactus notices them. I mean he cant JUST choose yours to add to the database, he has hundreds of more suggestions that he needs to look at. The world doesnt revolve around you
1+ years member.
@Galactus: Thanks for clearing that up for me
1+ years member.
@Galactus the system for adding new characters is very bad. It's not efficient in any way. I would like you to add all of the Overwatch roster, the baby Incredible and other Incredibles characters that aren't there, as well as Big Hero 6. I've suggested these, however they seem to get lost in the sea of suggestions
Anybody picking deadpool has no idea who lobo is, or the are just fan boys. Deadpool has the curse of life from Thanos, he can regenerate from a drop of blood. Lobo cannot die at all. He has been banned from the afterlife. Lobo destroys deadpool along with every blood cell in some extremely comical way, because in this fight why not.
@SirSpidey: It wasn't just you. There was an automated process for optimizing the database. It started without my knowledge. Apparently there was a bug in that process and the website didn't come back online. I only noticed this last sunday. I do have some alert system that notifies me when the site is offline for more than 5 minutes, but the domain was still reachable, so it didn't trigger.
Hope this doesn't happen again.
10+ years member.
Did anyone else not be able to go to the website for around a week? It would say, "dynamic database scaling in progress". Did this happen to anyone else? If so, can you tell me why or how? I am soo confused right now
1+ years member.

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