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Sameak Flash Thompson 1 days ago
This guy becomes agent Venom.
DarkKnight98 forum 3 days ago
Batman wins, but once again if he has time to prepare beforehand. I remember something about him placing a virus in cyborg's system beforehand in the injustice comics, and he used it against him in a fight.
One to one I'll say is equal chances, but leaning in cyborg's favor.
Sameak forum 3 days ago
Hey Galactus here 2 heroes that are interesting to put on here if you want. Raiden heres his info and heres a cool video showing off his skills but warning to younger viewers though/ felt bad for him at 1:00-2:00 :// . Snake AKA Big Boss heres his info and heres a video of him thats just epic .
sapuramura Alex Mercer 3 days ago
By the way nice stats, I totaly agree with his powergrid.
sapuramura Alex Mercer 3 days ago
Alignment - good?
In the first game he's anti-hero
In the second game he's main villain
He was never a good guy!
Galactus forum 3 days ago
You're welcome!
Sameak Alex Mercer 4 days ago
My all time favorite character he has the potential to become the most powerful character above all even galactus. His theme is even beautiful ://
Sameak Flash Thompson 4 days ago
This guy needs a update
Sameak forum 4 days ago
Thank you Galactus
Captain America or Batman, who wins in a fight with no prep and just standard equipment. Also it is their current incarnations in the comics, which means New 52 Batman and Non - Super - Soldier formula powered Captain America.


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