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ren General conversations 10 hours ago
why isn't Owen Reece on here?
we are all guys haha
Akwid1 Vegeta 16 hours ago
JamesKyleDay13 Spawn 1 days ago
spawn should be at bare minimum a 19 he is just as powerful as superman. for the love of goodness sake he killed god and the devil an became king of hell. he deserves a 19, possibly higher.
Spider-man should be at least a 10 or 11 he has proven himself worthy several times.
DarkseidALE Osiris 7 days ago
cool guy but not as cool as black adam
Please update both Mister Miracle and Orion
He should be a class above 13 his strength is incalculable when he is with the green
DarkseidALE Kilowog 7 days ago
The movie could have been done better
Combat should probably be higher