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Sameak Taskmaster 12 hours ago
Why is there almost no info for Taskmaster.
nenmeu2 Batman 14 hours ago
Batman fighting skill are 90000000000 you asshole...this page is crap.
I would like to be Superman because he is the best superhero ever.
nightwing, no real reason... just nightwing all day
hancock_34 Hancock 3 days ago
He's awesome. It runs in the family.
Just throwing this one in here.
ManOfSteel1234 Magneto 5 days ago
Since him and Professor X were and still are friends, and Magneto sometimes helps the x men?
ManOfSteel1234 Magneto 5 days ago
Wouldn't you consider Magneto neutral? Or even a hero?
His only weakness is fire which no one typed up
demonicraven Cheshire 9 days ago
The second most deadly assassin, besides lady Shiva

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