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Catwoman is epic
whitesoxfan2178 forum 3 days ago
I also think voting should end now, or at least by the end of the week
Pancakehouse37 forum 3 days ago
I would like to see more of the other lantern corps added to the sight.
RickGrimes Hulk 4 days ago
people forum 4 days ago
I think voting should end now.

New superhero class system!

The site has been collecting user generated stats for a while now. Over 13000 stat-bars have been created by you. I've renamed them to uSTATS. I also want to introduce the all new 'uCLASS', a class system based on the uSTATS. To get the uCLASS I need a perfect formula. The perfect balance between the six different stats. What do you think the perfect formula would be to create the uCLASS? What is the most important part of the stats, intelligence, power or....?

Forum: New superhero class system!


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