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shaka superman vs goku 10 hours ago
Goku is too stupid to think to destroy the sun. Superman is smarter and stronger but goku is an martial expert, a reel one.
And honestly who is the faster in combat? it will be a long fight, and goku can not fignt that long, he doesn't have unlimited energy. Have you ever seen superman tired?
One thing I don't like about this photo though is the fact that it is a cartoon.
wrestler2020 Angel 2 days ago
this guy is beast mode and hes got my name!
Totally he's the bomb
He's the toughest character I've ever seen
iamorinjr Spider-Man 4 days ago
Feats>Character statements. Peter is a genius and has tons of potential but he doesn't apply himself ti science in the ways that most of comics top brains do. Overall bats is smarter by feats and by dedication to the craft. If Peter applied himself to science maybe he'd be on bruces level but as of now we can't know for sure. Also have to take into consideration that bats is a genius in a number of different areas while peter is only a genius in maybe 3 areas of science. He excels at many but not an expert in all per say. Not to say batman is. But his genius spreads past just science
MissingUTAH Flash II 4 days ago
How is the uStat speed only 94? Come on. He's not just a 100, he's the 100.
Superman would win this fight. However, what many forget is that Goku is not the most powerful character in Dragon Ball. Let the GT haters come to me, but Gogeta SSJ4 is probably as or more powerful than Superman.
wonderwoman is the strongest female character and her speed should be much high
jdnmason21 Goku 9 days ago
goku can move twice the speed of light when he flies so how is his speed as 75?

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