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Captain America or Batman, who wins in a fight with no prep and just standard equipment. Also it is their current incarnations in the comics, which means New 52 Batman and Non - Super - Soldier formula powered Captain America.
Sameak forum 19 hours ago
@Galactus please add Alex Mercer he is my favorite character and many others agree. I want to see how he fairs up with others.
Galactus forum 23 hours ago
I added Vigilante. Wildcat was already in here.
Sameak forum 1 days ago
Hey guys check out my forum I am pulling for Alex Mercer to added the DB.
Mr.Doob Apocalypse 2 days ago
so good
Mr.Doob Venom 2 days ago
i just love venom
MKelley21 Joker 3 days ago
joker would kill galactus
MKelley21 Joker 3 days ago
why do you think Joker's intelligence is so high?
He doesn't have super powers people
His powers are powers of insanity
People underestimate insanity!
Harley quinn is a perfect prize too
MKelley21 forum 3 days ago
Gabbyisboss Amazo 3 days ago
what the mother fricking gosh is that op boss


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