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GreenSeboss Sabretooth 5 hours ago
Sabretooth lifts max 5 tons but in the Marvel Wikia stands 2 to 10 tons.
I think 5 tons is realistic.
GreenSeboss Red Arrow 5 hours ago
Not 100% sure but I heard that Red Arrow is better in Combat than Green Arrow.
So he should have 85-86 in Combat.
GreenSeboss Killer Croc 6 hours ago
Killer Croc can't lift more than Bane.
Bane can lift around 4 to 5 tons, I think Croc's strength is roughly the same.
GreenSeboss Catwoman 6 hours ago
Can Catwoman really lift 270 kg?
More than Green Arrow, Hawkeye, Nightwing, Robin, Bullseye...
Kingpin can only lift 300 kg ok he is from Marvel but Catwoman never lift over 100 kg.
I think she can't even lift 100 kg 60-75 kg is more realistic.
GreenSeboss Flash II 10 hours ago
He should be at 11 and his intelligent should be over 75.
kryptonkid Gladiator 1 days ago
Update him
Sameak Master Chief 4 days ago
There is Master Chief but no Arbiter sad kinda wanted to see Arbiter`s stats compared to Chief`s
Thanos vs Darkseid. Who would win in a fight?
Actually warpath can lift up to 75 tons and has the potential to lift up to 90. Marvel wiki database so yew he is stronger than Luke cage also he can run up to speeds of 100 mph when he is in peak condition
Freeze needs his intelligence boosted desperately. Maybe 100 is a little to high but right now scarecrow is at an 80. No discredit to scarecrow but freeze is undeniably more intelligent. IMO freeze should be moved to around 90

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