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flarecrow Sentry 2 hours ago
In Jla/Avengers Didn't superman beat thor, if you wanna go there, his mental instability gives him a major disadvantage, superman has extremely high intelligence I'm sure he would find a way to win (I'm obviously talking about pre new 52)
He is so powerful he turned Galactus to be his Herald
Injustice forum 2 days ago
hey alex
Injustice forum 2 days ago
Injustice forum 2 days ago
John Smith forum 6 days ago
Doctor Manhattan of course, I could do everything...
gabebat7 Deadpool 7 days ago
If Deadpool kills Deathstroke (which he could), Deadpool kills himself by doing so
gabebat7 Scarlet Witch 7 days ago
Scarlet Witch is the most attractive character in comics.
Superman could take hulk down, but think of superman as he always has been. He would go easy on hulk, trying to subdue hulk as best he could without hurting him or others. Eventually the fight would go on because hulk isn't that easy to put down, so all superman would be doing is pissing off hulk. The longer the fight, hulk wins. If superman can end it quickly, superman wins.
His penance stare doesn't work on everybody. When he uses that power, that person has to have a piece of mind, or feel regret. Penance stare wouldn't work on joker because he is literally crazy. And it wouldn't work on punisher because he feels no regret or fear anything for what he has done. Ghostrider actually tried it on punisher and it didn't work.


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