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so is he actually good in the comics? cause his treated as a joke character in batman brave and bold and justices league when he appears on them
dragonmaster Black Cat 1 days ago
thats pretty impresive beating sabertooth
dragonmaster Blackout 1 days ago
shouldn't his strength be high 4,400 lb sounds like a lot to lift
Skyanimewatcher Goku 1 days ago
Goku is the powerfulist hero why is hes satas suck
100% Spongebozz
the movie is going to be awesome
dragonmaster Atom Girl 3 days ago
her stats seem way too high for some one who's only power is srinking
Jophus Mario vs Sonic 3 days ago
100% Sonic.
Can you add Illyria (She's an Old One) From Angel & Faith Dark Horse Comics.
If you could add H'el from DC comics he is a Kryptonian Clone that possess powers on par with or greater than Superman's.


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