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The comics actually stated at one point that the Phoenix is second to the living Tribunal, sort of like his favorite pet. And yes those stats are about right, technically in this form she is as fast as she chooses. The Phoenix Force in full power is always underestimated which makes me sad.
Amazo wins by himself
1+ years member.
As much as I want the good guys to win, they will most likely be defeated. Wonder Woman can beat Doctor Doom, but it would take both Hulk and Supergirl to beat Doomsday and both Nova and Power Girl to beat Zod. This leaves a very damaged team to take on Black Adam, Voldemort, and Mr. Sinister. The bad guys will win this one.
1+ years member.
Shade0z Monkey D. Luffy 10 hours ago
Some of his powers are:
-Super Strength
-Super Speed
-Size Changing
-Electric Resistance (He's inmune)
-Toxin and Disease Resistance
-Haoshoku Haki
-Heat Generation
-Enhanced Senses
Shade0z Monkey D. Luffy 10 hours ago
Full name: Monkey D. Luffy
-Aliases: Straw Hat Luffy
- Place of birth: Foosha Village
- First appearance: One Piece: "Romance Dawn - The Dawn of the Adventure"
- Publisher: Shonen Jump
Alignment: Good
-Gender: Male
- Race: Human
- Height - 174 cm
- Eye color: Black
- Hair color: Black
- Occupation: Pirate
- Base: Going Merry(Former) / Thousand Sunny
- Group Affiliation: Straw Hats Pirates
- Relatives: Monkey D. Dragon (Father), Monkey D. Garp(Grandfather), Portgas D. Ace(Adoptive Brother, deceased), Sabo( Adoptive Brother).
Galactus Team Battle 10 hours ago
Good vs Evil
10+ years member.
Was expecting a closer battle...
10+ years member.
Galactus Smallville 12 hours ago
This will be an almost endless list of DC characters.
10+ years member.
bbo23 Team Battle 12 hours ago
I agree... I think Wolverine is the deciding factor that gives it to the X-Men
Kid Flash can quickly knock out Cyclops and maybe even Jean, but Wolverine is going to be a problem. If Wolverine is able to cut through Superboy's tough skin, then i think that his team would win, but if Wolverine can't cut Superboy, then Superboy's team would win
1+ years member.

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