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Shazam takes this battle
Two brutal fighters fighting each other.
The incredible Hulk will be victorious i think.
Dr Manhattan is one of about six or seven superheroes that defeats
The Man of Steel !
A Demigodes versus a Peak human !
The outcome is obvious
Batman is superior in tactics, stealth, and combat (hand 2 hand), but would not out smart Tony or surprise him so stealth and tactics are limited..... Iron man specializes in Military grade equipment, arms,and alein technology The bats suits and planes are cool but ironmans suits are f'n planes and combat tanks no way there going hand to hand BAD MATCHUP 4 THE BAT Iron Man wins 99/100
A Superman and Scarlet Witch child would be epic or maybe even Professor X and wonder woman or what about magneto and storm!......Js
Scarlet Witch is on a whole different level way more than these rankings will show Read: House of M...
Lol....... there rated the same?
Flash needs upgrade the joker is no equal!
The Wizard was able to create a gun to pass through Susan Storm's force field the last time the Frightful Four abducted her a few years back. I am sure that the Joker is just as intelligent as the Wizard and he can find a way to negate her force field.
3+ years member.
ironwolvez Ant-Man 1 days ago
because he can change his size it gives him the advantage
How come batman has such low strength and speed and his durability is fairly low as well
Chalk Superman 1 days ago
Superman tanks omega beams(which was previously never been possible), a blast equivalent to a million nuclear war heads point blank remained conscious, 3 partical beams each powered by the core of a planet, and a sun exploding and going nova completely eradicating the plant he was on right next to it with the rest of the solar system without physical harming him just knocking him out....He benched pressed the weight of the globe for 3 or 4 days straight while only sweating 1 drop of sweat, drags planets, and ripped off darseids arm & there is only like a hand full of speedsters faster but most cant fly so.... Fan boys Huh. maybe so?
his rank should be at least 26 rank if not more
god of thor nicely said
At least in the movie Civil War Winter soldier wins
Wonder Woman can easily win
Galactus Galaxy 4 days ago
Sounds great! Do you have a link that is actually a website?
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Though i agree but marvel has more copycats than dc so the power of the original D.C. excels over Marvel


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