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superman once became the herald of galactus
And Sirspidey take it easy we are at the same side fans of comic book heroes.
Some times we are of same opinion some times diffrent there is nothing more to it :-) i respect youre opinion friend of comics.
Of course there is a diffrence upon who you are using youre powers ?
The other character may have mesures to counter act youre attack or intention.
Versatility is then an important statistic.
Also there may be other statistics involved depending on nature of the attack or power used.
If this were not the case there would be no universe.
Having just a surtain kind of power taking out Galactus, Arishem, Eternity, Death and even The one above all.
No one may resist or counter act nothing ?
Of course it do not work this way.
There are statistics that is very true but also others not that accurate. Just look at some of the last comments.
Also look at our favorit character Black Panther and then Batman ?
Finally we all may have our own thoughts about how things work and its of course also perfectly ok
So your telling me that Legion cant use any of his abilities on Thor? Enough of the BS. Quit avoiding my question. EXPLAIN TO ME WHY LEGION IS A 30 AND THOR IS A 24. Other than, "oh, because he is god so therefore no powers work on him", or ,"his background story is what makes him better."
I think i gave a real answer to the question that covers more than just Mighty Thor.
I dont look at just what powers a character got, i try looking at what and who the character realy is ?  Powers is a very important thing as well as the level they work at but there is also more than that.
Maybe you dont look at characters and the world they live in the same way ?
Of course its up to anyone choose what ever he or she wants :-)
I have in the Forum explained in quite detail the way it works.
Because a character got surtain powers dont aoutomaticly mean using them always works against everyone.
So your saying Thor wins because he is a god? I mean what is Thor gonna do? Legion can adapt to any attack Thor does. And all Legion has to do is stop time, walk up to him, touch him to take away his powers, and then pound him until he is dead. Theres nothing that Thor can do really with a character so powerful. I mean just look at his stats. Explain to me why Legion is a 30 and Thor is a 24
I guess that I am behind the times. I did not know that the Bionic Woman was a comic character.
3+ years member.
Some of the statistics should been changed a bit Speed you write Wolfdragon and there are more. I think the statistic of Combat is realy handled in a bad way. To have 100 in this statistic would force the character to be a warrior with expirience from a thousend years. The best fighters with a normal human life span could have 90 as maximum as an example. To have 100 in speed should force the character beeing faster than light, light speed could be 90 as an example.
Phoenix force Jean Grey is an incredibly powerful character. She battled Mighty Thor and blasted him with energy, the god blocked the attack and said youre power is realy great but its not close to an Asgardian god.
I think this comparison says it all.
I dont think Legion may effect a character at Thors level in such a degre same for Silver Surfer, Superman, Martian Manhunter or Sentry etc. To affect less powerful characters is just not the same thing.
He may blow up the Mutant and the hole planet if he wanted. Manipulate the very soul of this instable mortal an easy thing for a higher beeing as examples.
Legion is a very powerful character but again there are a Herarkie system that is well executed. Also all characters have a role in the world, who and what are they
How to beat Legion a Telepathic Mutant, well first of all i have a hard time beleving this character is the only one in any universe who got this kind of powers.
Powerful Sorcerers are more versetail than Legion as Doctor Strange, Doctor Fate or Loki and may come up with the same effects and a lot more. If this is enough to stop a God as Mighty Thor he would be gone a long time ago but he is several thousend years of age and have battled everything that may walk, crawl , fly or teleport. His greatest enemy beeing a Sorcerer of incredible power his half brother the God of mischief Loki. A Mutant born on earth may not compare to a half Elder/Asgardian God, his life force the God force is far beyond any Mutant or Human born.
Then give this Warrior God a weapon of Vast power the magical warhammer Mjolnir, its not a fair competition !
Strange can just send supes to a pocket dimesion.
Please let me know how Thor could possibly beat Legion
QUICKSILVER DOES NOT DESERVE A 100 SPEED STAT! 100 should be given to characters with incalculable speed or at least speed that is multiple times the speed of light. Quicksilver isn't anywhere near that level! He's fast, but at the same time much slower than many characters that you may not even think to be speedsters, like Thor and even Iron Man.
1+ years member.
Even if Superman stays inside the core of sun for 1 year and then fights sentry , he still don't have any chance of defeating him and if sentry decides to fight Superman, Superman is dead...
Flash is vulnerable against ice
Their are some characters that maybe should have been inclueded in the list.
Thats why i wrote i was open for suggestions. The character obviosly must be a superhero and then also be incredibly powerful to qualifie. Only the most powerful superheroes in the worlds of comics hits the list !
Legion is now a suggestion and another Captain Atom
Same situation as God of Thunder's battle between behemoths and Thor and Suerman. But instead of Thor and Superman its The Flash and Quicksilver. Do you think they can escort people out of the city and stop the behemoths all at the same time? If Flash is as fast as people say he is and if Quicksilver is as fast as I see him in the movies then I believe they could do it.
A major city is beeing rampaged by six destructive behemoths with no ragards what so ever for human casulties.
Two of the most powerful superheroes their is from any world or dimension will use all the power they got to defeat the threat. Saving as many people they can but because they are realy outnumbered take very little consern about the environment.
Using Heat beams at maximum power. The citys police force evacuating the city, Mighty Thor may usu bolts of lightning and hurricane storms even blasts of powerful magical energy as Anti Force or Thermal Blast. If the heroes is pushed to their limits its also possible using the God Blast erasing the opponent from existence !
Will the Man of Steel and Mighty Thor succed and at what cost will the city even sink into the ocean with a million souls ?
Im of the same opinion as you guys, far from an easy battle but team 2 are just to powerful ! Thing, Colossus and She-Hulk are indeed very powerful characters but they are just not enough.
Superman and Incredible Hulk will have to much to handle !
The combination of Sentry and Captain Marvel is just too powerful


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