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Twinkle2000 Callisto 7 hours ago
I agree, surely Storm would win if it came to mental fights or something like that, but Callisto is way better when it comes to physical fighting.
Has anyone actually heard of her?
Twinkle2000 Loki 7 hours ago
Put Loki with Spawn, and Spawn just beats him into the ground!
Twinkle2000 Kick-Ass 7 hours ago
To be honest the movie isn't that good either. All he is, is just a guy who gets beaten up and makes him look stronger. And Hit Girl is way better. Along with her dad
Twinkle2000 Black Widow 7 hours ago
Her comabt level is 100 belive it or not. But put her with Captain America, they both make a great team!
Twinkle2000 Thor 19 hours ago
Thor is pretty intelligent, even if he is slightly slow but non the less, he is one really good hero
dragonmaster Osiris 1 days ago
power level=422
power level=232
dragonmaster Onslaught 1 days ago
power level=476
dragonmaster Offspring 1 days ago
power level=350


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