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He can also fly and shoot concussive blasts from his hands, or at least he was able to. I don't know if he can still
WWWCOM Spider-Man 16 hours ago
spider man is not dead
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A guy who was bullied in school a lot that his parents gave him everything to try to make him happy. But despite his parents trying to make him happy it didn t. As would like him to have a mental disability but doesn t have to have one.
Fire Phoenix Catwoman 1 days ago
She tryed to steal or help heros! SHE NUERTAL!!!!
Fire Phoenix Catwoman 1 days ago
Cat women is a nuertal!!!
Galactus Onslaught 1 days ago
No problem. Now it needs more user Stats
kryptonkid Onslaught 1 days ago
thanks for the update
Galactus Onslaught 1 days ago
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