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is unstoppable colossus on here? If not their needs to be one
Lennywafflewolf Vision 2 days ago
Everybody says martian manhunter would beat vision. But vision thinks faster and uses his powers when he needs to.
I would like to add some emphasis to this question.
I just stumbled onto this site and it seems fascinating, but as I explored I had the same question.
Where do the stats come from?
How are they determined/adjusted?
What is meant by each?
I realize that last question may read like a "d'uh," but when talking super heroes, it really does need clarification; for instance--strength for someone like the flash in terms of general bench press is probably that of a highly athletic human male, but his ability to punch would be off the charts strong (imagine a punch hitting a normal human at the speed of sound; now let's get that punch closer to the speed of light).
for what it's worth--how does this all work?
I think this is a rather cool site, just need some info (even if the information is comic fan expert say so).
dragonmaster Vulture 2 days ago
power level=284
dragonmaster Vision 2 days ago
power level=467
power level=369
dragonmaster Venom III 2 days ago
power level=383
dragonmaster Vanisher 2 days ago
power level=285
exabyte1985 Thanos 4 days ago
exabyte1985 Superman 4 days ago


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