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joker.bang Batman 3 hours ago
Batman is my second favourite comic guy joker is the best but yet batman is god as well
joker.bang Joker 3 hours ago
Nobody can beat joker he is the comic god
Round 2:
Martian Manhunter vs Hulk: Manhunter
Superman vs Scarlet Witch & Vision: Superman
Aquaman vs Spider-Man: Spider-Man
The Flash vs Black Widow & Falcon: The Flash
Firestorm vs Iron Man: Iron Man
Green Arrow & Red Tornado vs Captain America & Black Panther: Panther & Cap
Supergirl vs Doctor Strange with Lantern Ring: Doctor Strange
Martian Manhunter vs Spider-Man & Iron Man: Martian Manhunter
Superman vs Doctor Strange: Doctor Strange nearly ko
The Flash vs Captain America & Black Panther: The Flash nearly ko but still win
Justice League of America beats the Avengers
Justice League:
Batman vs Captain America: Cap wins
Superman vs Thor: Superman
Martian Manhunter vs Nova: Manhunter
Aquaman vs Namor: Aquaman
Wonder Woman vs Hulk: Hulk
The Flash vs Quicksilver & Ant-Man: Flash
Blue Beetle vs Spider-Man: Spider-Man
Green Lantern vs Doctor Strange: Doctor Strange
Cyborg vs Vision: Vision
Firestorm vs Agent Venom: Firestorm
Green Arrow vs Hawkeye: Green Arrow
Captain Atom vs Warmachine: Captain Atom
Zatanna vs Scarlet Witch: Scarlet Witch
Supergirl & Red Tornado vs She Hulk & Sandman: Supergirl & Red Tornado
Hawkgirl & Black Canary vs Black Widow & Falcon: Black Widow & Falcon
Red Arrow vs Black Panthe: Black Panther
darthfurysaul Ben 10 1 days ago
Ben 10 isnt even from dc comics cheapos
Galactus 30
Amazo 28
Thanos 26
arkseid 25
Apocalypse, Silver Surfer, Dormammu 24
Ultron 22-23
Jean Grey (Phoenix) 21
octor Strange, Superman 20
Thor, Nova, Cosmic Spider-Man 19
Iron Man, Hulk 18
Wonder Woman 17
Flash, Zoom, Juggernaut, Drax, Ronan, Iron Spider 16
Green Lantern, Gorilla Grodd 15
Spider-Man, Venom , Firestorm 14
Aquaman , Solomon Grundy, 13
oc Octopus, Green Goblin, Deadpool, Wolverine, Ult. Captain America, Deathstroke, Electro 12
Batman, Captain America, Ra's Al Ghul 11
Captain Cold, Daredevil, Lex Luthor, Rhino, Winter Soldier 10
Joker, Green Arrow, Hawkeye , Kingpin, Red Skull 9
Brick , Deadshot, Penguin 8
Black Canary, Huntress 7
Flash is way faster but Quicksilver can lift more but Flash could beat in my opinion even two Quicksilvers
Physical: Hulk
Power: Superman
urability: Hulk
Abilities: Superman
Intelligence: Superman
Overall: Superman 7 of 10 matches
The Flash or Spider-Man
Heroes without much power: Green Arrow or Captain America
How come there isn't vibe, green lantoon and constantine

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