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Battles: Duo vs Duo21Galactus97 days ago
Add characters to the Database39Galactus258 days ago
Character battles 1-vs-14Galactus1 year ago.
General conversations282Galactus1 year ago.
Say hello88Galactus1 year ago.
Marvel Mercs0Animuislifu21 hours ago
Lobo's Healing Factor and Deadpools Healing Factor0Animuislifu1 days ago
I need a new favorite Superhero that matches this describtion4Animuislifu6 days ago
Which Star Wars Character is the Best Project Manager?1Eavesy10 days ago
Dr Manhattan UNBEATABLE... correct me if I'm wrong.3esotericjustus3311 days ago
Captain Marvel (Billy Batson) vs. Gladiator (Kallark)1Captain_Marvel12 days ago
Flash(Barry Allen) vs Quicksilver6Basick Tobi12 days ago
Batman and Deadpool vs Wolverine and Deathstroke6ArashWais18 days ago
Thor VS Flash(wally west)12Epicversus12319 days ago
Top strongest characters 3remy9419 days ago
Fiction’s Best Ever Engineers0Eavesy19 days ago
Roleplay4OrioN19 days ago
Debate 4remy9422 days ago
Top 20 X-Men villains20Soulcollecter5722 days ago
Asguardians vs. Amazonians2SirSpidey22 days ago
Collabaverse3Soulcollecter5723 days ago
The Most Powerful Superheroes In Comics 62God_of_Thunder24 days ago
Darkseid&Justice League vs Trigon and teen titans0themenace26 days ago
Top 10 Behemoths 19remy9428 days ago
Bodyguard6Chico1528 days ago
Containment Doomsday VS. Galactus2VillaBoss28 days ago
Who would win? Superman vs Galactus7Galactus28 days ago
Marvel Character that has cross-dimension awareness (fourth-Wall Breaking) 2Animuislifu28 days ago
DC characters with Cross-Dimension Awareness (Fourth-wall Breaking)4Animuislifu28 days ago
Weakest Hero0Animuislifu28 days ago
Top 30 Spiderman villains36Soulcollecter5729 days ago
What is a Mercenary in comics5Animuislifu30 days ago
Powers Explained 3remy9430 days ago
Most popular list0Animuislifu31 days ago
Most underrated superheroes and villains!11legoman232 days ago
Top 10 Speedsters17remy9437 days ago
Best Friend Hero.2remy9438 days ago
Rob0JobroKing39 days ago
rob0JobroKing39 days ago
Merry Christmas0merry199239 days ago
Superman versus The Hulk3whitesoxfan217839 days ago
Suggestions for the site 13remy9439 days ago
Argument Battles6SirSpidey41 days ago
Export list?0jrochet50 days ago
4 vs 40TitanX51 days ago
Team Battle0DCVSMarvel52 days ago
Battle0DCVSMarvel52 days ago
The Origin of our favorit Superheroes 5God_of_Thunder53 days ago
Silver Surfer Versus !6God_of_Thunder53 days ago
DC and Marvel Team Up1DCVSMarvel53 days ago
The most durable cape3remy9453 days ago
Mini Factions14Soulcollecter5756 days ago
GREEN ARROW0OliviaJackson56 days ago
Finn Costume0OliviaJackson56 days ago
Age of Metahumans 4God_of_Thunder57 days ago
Superman Costume0OliviaJackson57 days ago
Comics Issues Lists2DCVSMarvel61 days ago
Super hero Quotes on profile0tigerman89974 days ago
Hero for President7remy9474 days ago
any ideas for.... superhero names9cade77 days ago
Superhero quotes 13remy9478 days ago
Add Character "Trigon" of DC's comics2Shubham1Dasgupta80 days ago
A Closer Look at Comic Book Colour Palettes0Eavesy81 days ago
whos the hotter heroine 4were_wolf3082 days ago
Great character battles!17legoman284 days ago
Top 12 most powerful beings in the universe6remy9487 days ago
Jedi Council Vs. Sith Order2SirSpidey88 days ago
Weapons 3God_of_Thunder90 days ago
Jedi Order Vs. Avengers3SirSpidey90 days ago
Gods of Asguard vs Gods of New Genesis 1remy9491 days ago
Christmas1AmirKhan94 days ago
Which Superhero is the Best Project Manager?0Eavesy95 days ago
Miles Morales1SNBPLC95 days ago
Avengers vs Justice League 25remy9495 days ago
A place for symbols6people100 days ago
top 10 most powerful superheroes of all time14remy94100 days ago
The Ultimate Superhero Cleaning Crew0Eavesy103 days ago
Galaxy4Galaxy104 days ago
Double Down0Blackjack104 days ago
LEGO Marvel5klint104 days ago
Top Female Characters13EthanWolverineFan105 days ago
Iron Man armor or Green Lantern Ring?3Galactus107 days ago
New to SHDb9gabrielMP109 days ago
venompool0tamyo2016114 days ago
Transformers1Galactus116 days ago
Static Shock0Chico15117 days ago
Alex Mercer in the DB3Sameak118 days ago
Put Stats in these characters!!8clamulct21119 days ago
Reasons Why Superheroes Take A Day Off0Eavesy121 days ago
deadpool3captainatom122 days ago
Why No Manga? 0CDCOMIX124 days ago
Which is better Marvel or DC17LordAntMan148 days ago
Darkseid(DC) VS Apocalypse(Marvel)1SHOOTINGSTAR20148 days ago
Naruto Or DragonBallZ1Seraprince151 days ago
Who would win and why1Chico15154 days ago
Help! I need to know a characters name!5Phantomwolf164 days ago
Evil Superman Vs the Avengers. 0remy94165 days ago
My top ten0remy94165 days ago
Captain atom0Yuyudodo170 days ago
Silver surfer0Yuyudodo170 days ago
Silver surfer0Yuyudodo170 days ago
Making Super Hero History0binki174 days ago
(youtube video) When i\'m Marvel0liamlf181 days ago
Galaxy17Galaxy184 days ago
Superhero Materials - The Real Life Equivalents0Eavesy186 days ago
Star Sapphire 0Superheroes2112187 days ago
Wonder Man vs Captain Marvel.Who would win?6Omega300191 days ago
Barry Allen/The Flash1Gozaru196 days ago
ALLOW US TO EDIT PROFILES & CREATE THEM.5xPerfectionist200 days ago
Blank Characters0Gerald Moore X201 days ago
Street Elite Match Up (Marvel vs DC)0Kingswood204 days ago
What do you think superheroes represent in film?0liamtomkins213 days ago
Deadpools limits0sebpool217215 days ago
Idea for a superheros13Nitroshifter215 days ago
supervillain and team fight0G165222 days ago
Flash VS Quicksilver6Roynuss226 days ago
Comic Book Characters With Disabilities0Eavesy226 days ago
Doomsday vs Juggernaut12LordAntMan226 days ago
David is col0willyg432226 days ago
Hi0willyg432226 days ago
Hi0willyg432226 days ago
Joker vs Batman7LordAntMan228 days ago
Super Shadow Universe (SSU)3Ninja232 days ago
aquaman vs wolverine0DominickKennedy234 days ago
Quicksilver vs Flash(Barry Allen)9Bats99236 days ago
Mario vs Sonic6LordAntMan237 days ago
HELP0werunthemaze245 days ago
Where is Supreme?3Blazinghorror256 days ago
How do I get an Avatar?0flamingtayo257 days ago
My own company :D (Its imaginary :( not actually real)2LordAntMan294 days ago
krypto vs battlecat1Greenbean294 days ago
Who would win in a fight? Red Hood or Nightwing?14Nightwing52323 days ago
Galactus1Ninja328 days ago
Should types of equipment be added to superheroDB?0Lucas328 days ago
What "Ninja" looks like.1Ninja328 days ago
Questions...0RobloxLover39330 days ago
Questions...2RobloxLover39330 days ago
How can I add photos to the gallery0SethNova331 days ago
Posting Pictures6Ninja333 days ago
Who would win: DC vs Marvel4SethNova333 days ago
Goku should be a Gold Tier3migz925340 days ago
Shadow Universe19legoman2349 days ago
Deadpool character 1Deadpool2016JRU352 days ago
Paul Blart0Mikiemen25362 days ago
Evolution of the Batmobile 0Eavesy1 year ago.
Batman and Joker vs. Dr. Doom0Greenbean1 year ago.
Questions about this site?10SuperToddler1 year ago.
Shadow Superhero Universe10Ninja1 year ago.
Krypton3supermans_sister33011 year ago.
Captain Marvel vs Captain Mar-vell 2G450NEGUNS1 year ago.
Star Wars Graffiti & Street Art From Around The World0Eavesy1 year ago.
superheroes and villian battles2whowillwin161 year ago.
Who should star as An to Man in his new film?1legoman21 year ago.
What are the strongest characters on superhero database?3Maleman121 year ago.
How to Submit Free Game Assets?0MobileGameGraphics1 year ago.
what is the meaning of the number of the characters , ex: galactus(29)2XxMisterOchoaxX1 year ago.
batman vs superman2batfreak17021 year ago.
Name of this Superhero.1TheGreatEater1 year ago.
Deathstroke vs Preditor 0Dmot0021 year ago.
Drax The Destroyer0elimcutie1 year ago.
Sort by Power Ranking1baederp1 year ago.
black bolt0Jvonsmith1 year ago.
Superman vs Joker _ Blood Match0batmanreturn1 year ago.
Combin heroes and see wat the results are0Shadowulf1 year ago.
Deadpool1SuperheroWannabee1 year ago.
Goku and Bane2GOKUZZZ1 year ago.
Superman VS Batman1SuperheroWannabee1 year ago.
Can somebody please identify this character?0Edsta123451 year ago.
Alien vs. Predator0Lennywafflewolf1 year ago.
Most powerful character?0Galactus1 year ago.
Condiment King4nprim3251 year ago.
Galactus is amazing(Owner)2RobloxLover391 year ago.
sasuke/ itachi /minato/1crockillshark1 year ago.
Add a new one3shadow15241 year ago.
Searching for characters1thefeehan1 year ago.
Chatting12RobloxLover391 year ago.
SHDB Pokemon Arena0SuperToddler1 year ago.
Profile Picture4GOKUZZZ1 year ago.
Any updates?3legoman21 year ago.
Who are Legion of Substitute Heroes3Ninja1 year ago.
Vision vs Martian Manhunter (New 52)3Premonition191 year ago.
Website 10 Year Anniversary1Galactus1 year ago.
new character1jeevesmonster1 year ago.
Avengers vs the Justice League13Ryguy1 year ago.
superman vs hulk7vignesh1 year ago.
Thanos Vs Doomsday?13deathbysuper1 year ago.
The Cost of the Starship Enterprise1Eavesy1 year ago.
Round 1: Wonder Woman vs Thor Round 2: Superman vs Thor3ExplodingDebater1 year ago.
Galactus VS Thanos Ultimate Battle!!0MicroAssassin241 year ago.
Deadpool0MicroAssassin241 year ago.
ANTI HERO !!! 4randy1 year ago.
Wolverine vs. Deadpool0SonicWolf72631 year ago.
Anyone here a Vegeta Fan??1Akwid11 year ago.
'Superheroes' short film0CreativeBuzzFilm1 year ago.
Top 36 Marvel comics vs DC Comics vs Dragon Ball Z / GT 2uglyspecies1 year ago.
Superman Vs Dr. Manhattan1Gerald Moore X1 year ago.
new characters0eposmuffin 1 year ago.
How does the SHDb work?1Wiroki1 year ago.
Electro vs. Flash0SonicWolf72631 year ago.
new character23jeevesmonster1 year ago.
PLEASE READ THIS SIR GALACTUS! :(0estano1281 year ago.
Underrated: Scarlet Witch0estano1281 year ago.
Villain Detainment 0MEGALIBRARIAN1 year ago.
How do I add these Christian characters?4TumblePhobic1 year ago.
Fanmade Superheroes1vyomic1 year ago.
How does one edit or add articles?0Talon1 year ago.
How does one edit or add articles?0Talon1 year ago.
why Superman is vulnerable beyond conception.1jonny5ive51 year ago.
Lesser Known Facts About Superman0Eavesy1 year ago.
Deadpool vs deathstroke 3Felixking21 year ago.
who would u combine?3jonny5ive51 year ago.
Superman's stats2kryptonkid1 year ago.
Character Stats0Benji-C1 year ago.
Deadpool vs Thanos3Sameak1 year ago.
JLA VS. Avengers3Brayden121 year ago.
Firefly0Aqua Archer1 year ago.
If you could be Any hero , who would it be and why ? 27inhumanegenocide1 year ago.
Random0Supatrav1 year ago.
Access to DataBase2cw181 year ago.
Ustats0StarLord1 year ago.
Howard the Duck!0Chuckles40001 year ago.
Howard the Duck!0Chuckles40001 year ago.
Superhero2lissa_martinez1 year ago.
Hulk vs doomsday1Felixking21 year ago.
batman vs black panther24kobe20001 year ago.
Gorilla Grodd or beast 0randy1 year ago.
Powergrid, uSTATS & uCLASS sources and metodologies of calculation.1Darkseid_1 year ago.
Super Man0Fire Phoenix1 year ago.
Need API for Game3knightkill1 year ago.
Living Tribunal0chopchop3121 year ago.
fighting 0randy1 year ago.
Origin Stories0Squigglyo1 year ago.
What Superhero is Your Dog?0fivehead1 year ago.
Looking for a spreadsheet from the DB0zubalove1 year ago.
Most Powerful & Strongest of the Marvel vs DC Comics vs Dragon Ball3uglyspecies1 year ago.
Matchups Marvel vs DC Comics5uglyspecies1 year ago.
Combine Powers Superheroes - Human Torch vs Batman vs Son Goku (Marvel vs DC vs DBZ)3uglyspecies1 year ago.
Matchups Marvel vs DC Comics vs Dragon Ball part22uglyspecies1 year ago.
who would win Batman vs Daredevil11OneSpeed1 year ago.
Milestone 0Kobalt 1 year ago.
Deadpool vs Deathstroke15The_Caped_Crusader1 year ago.
Ten Classic Superhero Vehicles1Eavesy1 year ago.
Batman VS Captain America3voiceoflogic1 year ago.
superman vs goku13The_Caped_Crusader1 year ago.
Why is there any gold saints from saint seiya? gods killers doesn't deserve it?0shaka1 year ago.
My own custom hero0solo1 year ago.
Why Superman vs Goku doesn't work0MissingUTAH1 year ago.
Green Arrow vs DeathStroke 0Adonut291 year ago.
Wonder Woman vs. Hulk7NickTendo691 year ago.
Blade vs punisher5deadpool91 year ago.
Thor vs Superman10kobe20001 year ago.
Magneto vs Thor5Galactus1 year ago.
Largo VS. Piro1Nugglets1 year ago.
who wins ? KRAVEN THE HUNTER VS GREEN ARROW4randy1 year ago.
Superman versus The Hulk4whitesoxfan21781 year ago.
Green Arrow VS Batman7REAPER1 year ago.
Cyborg vs Batman4luckufu1 year ago.
Batman Vs. Nightwing8people1 year ago.
Battles of Doom2GreenSeboss1 year ago.
Two-Face vs Venom!!!9LordAntMan1 year ago.
Young Justice VS Teen Titans9SHOOTINGSTAR201 year ago.
Ronan the Accuser vs The Collector0Powlu1 year ago.
Improving site3whitesoxfan21781 year ago.
Watchmen1whitesoxfan21781 year ago.
who wins the fucking épic battle0randy1 year ago.
who wins the battle0randy1 year ago.
Harley Quinn vs Catwoman0DominickKennedy1 year ago.
Where shall I begin?0heregoessuperhero1 year ago.
new matchup league0herald_of_galactus2 years ago.
losing that survives0randy2 years ago.
Add0ActionMan2 years ago.
Why isn't Buffy Summers in this database?0rowanda3802 years ago.
Bane vs Solomon Grundy2Galactus2 years ago.
Deadpool,Harley quinn,Cable,Wolverine and Domino vs Alex Mercer0Sameak2 years ago.
Deathstroke vs Bane vs Joker + Harley Quinn15LordAntMan2 years ago.
Superman\'s regime0mortalfinlay2 years ago.
DC and Marvel Characters BIO0reinhard_janssen32 years ago.
Joker vs Wonderwoman3Bats992 years ago.
wonder woman vs superman0reinhard_janssen32 years ago.
Bane vs Cyborg7Greenbean2 years ago.
Scale info?0MissingUTAH2 years ago.
The Lantern Corps0Pancakehouse372 years ago.
nag, getter, powerful, muscular, strong testosterone0randy2 years ago.
Superpowers0Dash2 years ago.
Rom Spaceknight0Darkgnome1012 years ago.
Vigilante2AceDiamonds2 years ago.
An Infographic about Superhero Skin0Eavesy2 years ago.
The Best Power13SuperToddler2 years ago.
Vegeta1Chico152 years ago.
Powergrid Calculations26legoman22 years ago.
LBX0Chico152 years ago.
marvel v DC10dccomicss2 years ago.
DeadPool2GamePup012 years ago.
Whose the hero / villian0shadofang2 years ago.
Imperiled0AceEliteX2 years ago.
Anti-Monitor (from crisis on infinite earths not sinestro corps)vs Galactus2The Bruce Wayne2 years ago.
im trying to start my own brand equal to marvel and dc i need superhero ideas4swaggog52 years ago.
Joker vs Lex Luther6LordAntMan2 years ago.
No Batman Beyond??2gingernator2 years ago.
Apocalypse, Doomsday, Silver Surfer, and Deadpool, vs Galactus9Cyber2 years ago.
Battle of the Archers. Green Arrow vs Hawkeye, Red Arrow vs Hawkeye II, etc6Blacksmith2 years ago.
dc vs marvel HULK vs SUPERMAN5HULKzombie2 years ago.
who is stronger23theaxisbold2 years ago.
who would win an a battle between dc vs marvel.18theaxisbold2 years ago.
who would win8raybands2 years ago.
Who is the smartest person out of DC and Marvel in your opionon14LordAntMan2 years ago.
Is there anyway to add characters? and if so how does one go about doing it1donndanick2 years ago.
Why is there soo much underrated characters on here3mojoe2 years ago.
Rebooting of the hulk films?0ArkRider2 years ago.
Characters that need to be in the game0mojoe2 years ago.
Superheros1Ganesh kumar . M2 years ago.
Which superhero should have their own movie?9ArashWais2 years ago.
marvel vs dc 1: hulk vs wonder woman1DominickKennedy2 years ago.
odin vs. nekron0raybands2 years ago.
that can kill the incredible hulk6randy2 years ago.
Get your own characters in a database0Avatar Prime2 years ago.
black widow vs captain america1raybands2 years ago.
who would win8raybands2 years ago.
who would win2raybands2 years ago.
Deadpool , Lobo vs Deathstroke , Ghost Rider6randy2 years ago.
Death lok vs. winter solder2Power cosmic2 years ago.
hal jordan(green lantern) vs invisible woman10kayjgj2 years ago.
Artemis / Tigress0unknownimmortal2 years ago.
what superhero/supervillian would you fight for a million dollars5OneSpeed2 years ago.
cyborg vs ironman 1percolator2 years ago.
who would win Hulk vs Destroyer1OneSpeed2 years ago.
Who do you like better Batman, Superman, or Spider-Man10people2 years ago.
Taskmaster vs Deathstroke1kobe20002 years ago.
Hulk or super boy?2Claws2 years ago.
Im back :D4LordAntMan2 years ago.
Goku vs Dr. Manhattn1raybands2 years ago.
Hey guys1Chico152 years ago.
Is there anyone in marvel who could truely rival Superman?11WolverineLOH2 years ago.
Red Hood (Jason) VS. The Winter Soldier (Bucky)3BuddyConstantine_342 years ago.
Black Adam vs Juggernaut5LordAntMan2 years ago.
Superhero Movies / Television top 58Galactus2 years ago.
spider-man vs daredevuil0raybands2 years ago.
If Character Recommendations9Ninja2 years ago.
vs4j772 years ago.
member avatar2Avatar Prime2 years ago.
Spider-Man and Hulk VS Human Torch11SuperToddler2 years ago.
My youtube channel4people2 years ago.
Poll: Comics and movies0Avatar Prime2 years ago.
Gaia Force: A whole new group of heroes0Avatar Prime2 years ago.
Power3Chico152 years ago.
Do u remember 0Power cosmic2 years ago.
Masters of the Universe1Dovel72 years ago.
Batman vs captain America3deadpool92 years ago.
is it possible to be a real life superhero9cade2 years ago.
If you could have the powers of any superhero, who would it be?16Ninja2 years ago.
More heroes and villians?127legoman22 years ago.
where is Vandal Savage?0GUNS_N_ROSES_892 years ago.
API for programmers0cavemanspanish2 years ago.
Website Color8Ninja2 years ago.
power2iamorinjr2 years ago.
Green Goblin (Norman) update2specgreengoblin2 years ago.
Comment if your active.4Bats992 years ago.
Superhero Dating Profiles (Infographic)0Eavesy2 years ago.
Characters with their tv series6Novaforce2 years ago.
marvel vs dc31were_wolf302 years ago.
Best superpower?4Darkseid2 years ago.
Venom Vs. Wolverine6klint2 years ago.
Groot Vs. Solomon Grundy25klint2 years ago.
The Avengers 2 villain23Galactus2 years ago.
Hero10people2 years ago.
Death of Wolverine4legoman22 years ago.
Sabretooth vs Abomination12LordAntMan2 years ago.
Squirtle VS Charmander3people2 years ago.
Does anybody else think instead of continuing with the X-men movies they should recreate them? 1TheHood2 years ago.
Who?5Chico152 years ago.
XBox 360 or Wii U?1SuperToddler2 years ago.
Aliens or Zombies?4Chico152 years ago.
How Do I Calculate Class?0Kumquat1232 years ago.
Machop VS Geodude8people2 years ago.
Raphael VS Catwoman0people2 years ago.
Soloman Grundy3VillaBoss2 years ago.
Scarlet Spider II (Kaine Parker) VS Nightwing2people2 years ago.
Gambit VS Nightwing VS Winter Soldier2people2 years ago.
"First appearance"3Jmsullivan2 years ago.
Miss Me?2Ninja2 years ago.
Favorite Celebrities2EthanWolverineFan2 years ago.
Where1froggle132 years ago.
Buus0Chico152 years ago.
Is Richard Rider coming back?0kobe20002 years ago.
Is Batman real?1burgerman2 years ago.
STAR BRAND why is he not on here? He could prolly take thanos1Rhexus2 years ago.
Armwrestling6people2 years ago.
I need some help with a couple of names or related info0PhiSchmo2 years ago.
Are Black Panther and Storm still married0kobe20002 years ago.
Is Rich Ryder coming back?0kobe20002 years ago.
Super hero Ideas and battles1KingDragonboy2 years ago.
Hero Ideas and battles0KingDragonboy2 years ago.
DC Lovers Quarles Robin V. Starfire who would win in a fight 1EminentStorm3 years ago.
Vs1klint3 years ago.
Mega Man1jager3 years ago.
Apocalypse vs Doomsday3Cyber3 years ago.
Chaos sprites vs chaos mites3Cyber3 years ago.
Chaos creatures0Cyber3 years ago.
Galactus vs the World3Cyber3 years ago.
*Story Maker* PLEASE ADD ON23SuperToddler3 years ago.
aquaman vs wolverine0DominickKennedy3 years ago.
Superhero Quotes.19Ninja3 years ago.
Howard The Duck1SuperToddler3 years ago.
changes0VillaBoss3 years ago.
Who would win?0VillaBoss3 years ago.
top 10 superheroes5cade3 years ago.
I need help!7super_sim3 years ago.
Who Win In Race 2KingRezzy3 years ago.
dark Seid vs Apocalypse 1captainatom3 years ago.
Why is Molecule Man not listed?1silimike3 years ago.
On member pages.1klint3 years ago.
Debate8Ninja3 years ago.
Nintendo Universe0SuperToddler3 years ago.
why is stan lee not in xmen 1st class and x men origin wolverine3cade3 years ago.
punisher vs comedian0larfleeze423 years ago.
Penguin vs Bane vs Two-Face vs Scarecrow vs Mister Freeze!!!!!!!!6LordAntMan3 years ago.
Galactus3Ninja3 years ago.
Flash lll vs The Silver Surfer4The_Caped_Crusader3 years ago.
How to be a good superhero/supervillain1SuperToddler3 years ago.
Character info needed2LordAntMan3 years ago.
Bane vs Two-Face2LordAntMan3 years ago.
Awesome Battles3LordAntMan3 years ago.
Team Favorites3Ninja3 years ago.
Plastic Man Vs. Thor4people3 years ago.
Gaming websites you may like.2SuperToddler3 years ago.
Worst Character Ideas Ever1SuperToddler3 years ago.
any superheros superhero database should add and villains 5cade3 years ago.
Anyone Add A Page For The New Venom?0kugiamaster3 years ago.
how do you rank up3cade3 years ago.
Worst Battles Ever19SuperToddler3 years ago.
who thinks kickass needs a update and the joker2cade3 years ago.
iron man?1dude1231453 years ago.
PM5people3 years ago.
Help is on the way6legoman23 years ago.
Story Time with SuperToddler1SuperToddler3 years ago.
Look at this pic2people3 years ago.
kickass and his universe vs batman and his universe9cade3 years ago.
Why?4Ninja3 years ago.
Please help me! This question is hurting my head so much!1SuperToddler3 years ago.
help2Greenbean3 years ago.
Guardians of the Galaxy1SHOOTINGSTAR203 years ago.
Superhero Database3Ninja3 years ago.
Poultry Pal: Defender of barn animals!0SuperToddler3 years ago.
the thing vs killawog 0Greenbean3 years ago.
Cyclops pic1Ninja3 years ago.
amazo: is he cool or what0asd13 years ago.
Amalgam Universe2Crujir3 years ago.
Thanos vs Darkseid.Who would Win?2Omega3003 years ago.
Teen Titans West2Ninja3 years ago.
Fan Art1Ninja3 years ago.

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