Flash(Barry Allen) vs Quicksilver

Starter: Basick Tobi

The Fastest Man Alive versus Quicksilver in an epic one on one watch. Who do you think would win a match if they were both at their ultimate prime states. To me after doing the research, Barry Allen a.k.a The Flash would definitely take down Quicksilver with out wasting his breath.
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SuperheroWannabee 1 year ago.
Quick Silver is faster
1+ years member.
Lennywafflewolf 1 year ago.
Flash has more experience with speed and power.
1+ years member.
ScarletSPEEDSTERS 1 year ago.
I agree Zoom is like quicksilver and Flash 2 had defeated him many times.
1+ years member.
Brayden12 1 year ago.
Flash has beat proffesor zoom multiple times. Zoom is basically quicksilver but a lot better and with a cooler costume
1+ years member.
GreenSeboss 1 year ago.
Flash is way faster but Quicksilver can lift more but Flash could beat in my opinion even two Quicksilvers
2+ years member.

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