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crazykitwana 17 days ago
Having discovered his mother murdered and his father blamed for the act, forensic scientist Barry Allen sought to clear his father's name and find the real killer. After being doused in chemicals and struck by lightning, Barry was granted the gift of super-speed. Now he protects his hometown of Central City as The Flash, the fastest man alive and founding member of the Justice League.
mekkaxko 60 days ago
he is so friggin op, he can hit with the power of a white dwarf star, go back in time to kill anyone, other people are just statues to him, he could vibrate his hand trough anything, he is a god
Darkest_Batman 239 days ago
strength 10? he can vibrate his fist to punch with a mass bigger than our solar system
Chalk 253 days ago
Batman is a human with some cool things from Radio Shack he shouldnt be mentioned on The Flash comment section cause he has plans, The Flash without even knowing his feats him being faster than superman says something please go look at this guys superpowers available on this web site. i mean seriously he could go back and save bruce waynes parents!!!!! He Can Time Travel
1+ years member.
deadpool_47 254 days ago
Yes the flash many fast but batman has a plans to defeat the whole Justice League.
remy94 260 days ago
The Flash can basically defeat the entire Justice League and the Avengers he's the most powerful meta-human and there is and should be level 15 to 18.
bolubee101 274 days ago
Apart from his intelligence I have no problem with the flash's power stats. If supes gets a 100 i beleive the flash deserves so too. His intelligence is underrated!
Chalk 315 days ago
His rating is very sad and underrated, Flash and joker are no equal!
1+ years member.
Schankster125 336 days ago
Even though Jay Garrick was the first flash, Barry Allen is he best. Jay Garrick didn't even get is powers from the speed force at first because Barry created it. After that most to not all of the speedsters in DC universe manifested off of that. Flash should be around the same level as superman.
Tbanger18 363 days ago
my bad Deadpool is 17 but the battle page speaks for itself with the majority of people agreeing with me that Flash would beat Deadpool who is also one of my faves
1+ years member.
Tbanger18 363 days ago
Batman is my favorite character but the fact that flash and him are both 10 bothers me, flash can basically run at the speed of light so he should be above characters like deadpool and ironman 16 and 14
1+ years member.
Galactus 1 year ago.
Jay Garrick is the original Flash from the 1940's.
10+ years member.
TheAsianSmartGuy 1 year ago.
This Flash is like the origanal and shouldn't be Flash II because he is like the main character of the The Flash TV series.
1+ years member.
Chalk 1 year ago.
As a new fan of flash seems like he might be highly underrated at a 9.....dont really have to many facts or feats cause im just getting into flash but time travel is op AF bye it self! maybe some FLASH fans agree
1+ years member.
DarkseidALE 1 year ago.
My favorite flash had some sick powers when he used speed force to more of an extent (i.e speed force clones)
1+ years member.
ScarletSPEEDSTERS 1 year ago.
Barry Allen is the best flash. And his durability should be 65%
1+ years member.
JamesKyleDay13 1 year ago.
This Is What I Think For Flash
1+ years member.
dragonmaster 1 year ago.
power level=331
2+ years member.
MissingUTAH 2 years ago.
How is the uStat speed only 94? Come on. He's not just a 100, he's the 100.
2+ years member.
GreenSeboss 2 years ago.
He should be at 11 and his intelligent should be over 75.
2+ years member.
captainatom 4 years ago.
@a_moment_in_time if you like his costume check out the costume on injustice gods among us
4+ years member.
a_moment_in_time 4 years ago.
yeah this one rocks! his costume is sooooooooo much better than the others ;p
4+ years member.
Kca4 4 years ago.
My favourite flash!!
5+ years member.
Lanzslyde 5 years ago.
Sorry, I meant Barry Allen.
5+ years member.
Lanzslyde 5 years ago.
He needs to be updated. Bart Allen is the most important and powerful Flash compared to Wally and Impulse. Plus he's back and alive again.
5+ years member.

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