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Battles created by CosmicKingThor

Team 1 Team 2
Vision (House Of Ideas)The Presence & Lucifer Morningstar1 mo 508418
Nyx (House Of Ideas) & Vision (House Of Ideas)The Presence & Elaine Belloc2 mo 4920908
Lucifer MorningstarTeam Lucifer Morningstar (Mortal)1 mo 21226
Cosmic Immortal Hulk & Dream Of The EndlessVision (House Of Ideas) & Scarlet Witch (Life Force)1 mo 11125
Lucifer Morningstar & Spectre (Backed By The Presence)Nyx (House Of Ideas) & Vision (House Of Ideas)2 mo 353415
Team Cosmic Armor SupermanVision (House Of Ideas)2 mo 364804
Team Doctor DoomTeam Vision (House Of Ideas)1 mo 21414
Team Vision (House Of Ideas)The Presence1 mo 8313
Nyx (House Of Ideas) & Vision (House Of Ideas)Elaine Belloc2 mo 272103
Elaine Belloc (Angel)Vision (House Of Ideas)1 mo 251802
Team The One-Above-AllThe Writer & The Presence1 mo 193102
Elaine Belloc & Michael DemiurgosNyx (House Of Ideas) & Vision (House Of Ideas)2 mo 18802
Team The One-Above-AllThe Presence1 mo 241202
Team Nyx (House Of Ideas)Team Lucifer Morningstar2 mo 21902
Team White LanternTeam Anti-Monitor (AU)9 mo 15001
The WriterVision (House Of Ideas)2 mo 12101
Loki (Norse Myth)Loki (God Of Stories)2 mo 15001
The One-Above-All & Vision (House Of Ideas)Cosmic Immortal Hulk & The One Below All1 mo 10001
Spectre (Backed By The Presence)Galactus (Fused) & The One Below All1 mo 10201
Nyx (House Of Ideas) & Vision (House Of Ideas)Elaine Belloc (Angel) & Elaine Belloc1 mo 7001