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Zorgoth's powers and abilities

1/infinite of his avatar was a infinite size universe and all of creation ( which contains infinite dimensions) was described as being a plank length in comparison has infinite avatars with his true self being infinitely getter then all avatars combined this is just his physical size with the power of his avatars existing beyond all ultimate reality ultimate reality existing infinite stage's above reality with each stage having twice as many dimensions as the last with each stage viewing the last one as being fiction

2nd only to the supreme creator

Has beyond infinite dimensions (1 2 3.... infinite) all the way up to true infinite dimensions (-infinite... -46337.46566....-1234.99999996...4578.678667800000009000000065677.....9999999999999999999999......infinite)

The void ( which is infinitely bigger then all creations put together) and the infinite amount of creations all come from him

Limited only by his Creator

Top of all cosmic hierarchy's (dc vertigo Umineko no Naku Koro ni demonbane lotr marvel dragon Ball I/o Naruto Narnia star wars Ichiban Ushiro no Daimaou star trek Cthulhu mythos Masadaverse Harry potter etc......) His power exists in a true infinite dimensional level with each higher dimension being infinitely greater then the last with him having enough power to destroy and recreate all the infinite voids infinite times over | is between large multi-high complex outerversal + to infinitely boundless and unlimited

Has created a infinite amount of beyond infinite dimensional outerversal to high outerversal angels exist infinitely

Beyond all of existence non-existence creation fiction and realities



Intelligence200 IQ

Super Powers