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Battles created by ziedanish

Team 1 Team 2
Team DeathTeam Above All Others7 mo 18726
Fat Thor (MCU)Thor (MCU) & Thor (Pre-Ragnarok) (MCU)4 mo 4036
General Zod (New 52)Darkseid (New 52)4 mo 5024
The SpaceTeam Devil4 mo 4024
Herobrine (base) (MC)Thanoseid (Earth-9602)6 mo 4024
The One-Above-AllThe Space4 mo 6113
UninusTeam Thor4 mo 6313
Team DeathTeam The One-Above-All4 mo 10013
Lockdown (TCU)Thanos5 mo 111113
Lockdown (TCU) & Darkness PowerThanos (Infinity Gauntlet)3 mo 10713
Thanos (MCU) & Darkseid (DCEU)Thanoseid (Earth-9602)1 mo 5012
Tank (Tanky)Team The Fulcrum5 mo 3112
Superman (New 52)General Zod (New 52)4 mo 5012
The One-Above-AllTank (Tanky)5 mo 3012
Qui-Gon JinnLuke Skywalker (Dark Empire) (SWL)1 mo 5012
Tank (Tanky)The One From Beyond5 mo 2012
Michael DemiurgosUninus4 mo 3212
Team DeathTeam Ultra Water5 mo 6401
Onslaught & GalvatronThe Hulk (Classic)8 mo 7101
Bully MaguireDoctor Knight1 mo 9101