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1+ years member.
Voted: Goku

As strong is cw Flash is he can't beat Goku. Goku has gone faster than light and would be a betye arch up for comics flash or comics Superman. If their was a toned down Cincinnati's version of goku that was decent it would be a more fair fight
169 days ago
Team Battle
1+ years member.
Voted: Justice League

I vote Justice Leauge here is why,

Superman vs Hulk:
Hulk will put up a good fight but The Man of steel takes the win here.
Superman wins his because Superman is stronger and much faster than the Hulk. Winner: Superman
Thor vs Wonder Woman:
This is an exiting battle, WW is most likely a faster fighter than Thor, they are realtiley even in expernce and have even shown to be able to take on Superman and Hulk respectively. However, I think Thor's superior stregth and ranged weaponry will give him the edge.
Winner: Thor
Batman vs Captain America:
This fight is going to be awesome' Batman is a better fighter and he has his utility belt, however Captain America is stronger and faster, but Bataman has his smoke bombs and is smarter than Captain America so he should be able to find his weekneses, and Batman is more willing to play dirty than Captain America.
Winner: Batman
Iron Man vs Cyborg:
This will be cool fight, Cyborg may not need a suit, and he as some andvantges like his plasma cannon, but Iron Man would have the edge because of his speed and eginuity, as well as if he needs them, he has his other suits to help him.
Winner: Iron Man
Flash vs Hawkeye:
Winner: Flash
Aquaman vs Black Widow:
Winner: Aquaman
Flash vs Iron Man
This fight will be interesting, Iron Man may try to lock on to Flash, however he is just to fast and he can easily destroy his suit.
Winner: Flash
Superman vs Thor
This is it, the ultimate fight, the main factor. Who would win. This would be possibly the closest fight on this list. Thor with his hammer could do real damage to Superman, however the man of steel could take in and overall, while Thor is the better fighter, Superman's speed will ultimately give him the edge.
Winner: Superman