Extended Marvel Cinematic Universe (2000-2019 Movies)

Yukio's powers and abilities

Death Sense

Yukio is a mutant with a limited, precognitive ability to discern the nature of a person's death. Such visions, when and if they occur at all, have a high degree of accuracy. However, Yukio is unable to differentiate between clinical death and brain death, as she foresaw Wolverine dying temporarily before his healing factor revived him.

Enhanced Agility

Yukio is an accomplished gymnast in disciplines of tumbling and somersaulting. She combines these talents with her swordplay to provide much of her defensive action in combat.


Master Martial Artist

Being a Japanese assassin, Yukio is highly skilled in martial arts and hand-to-hand combat, either unarmed or combined with her sword or her staff.

Master Swordswoman

Yukio possesses great proficiency in swordsmanship. She has shown being able to go on par with Shingen Yashida, a highly proficient swordsman, for an extended period of time.

Master Assassin

Yukio has been heavily trained in the art of assassination techniques.