X-Men Origins: Wolverine (2009)

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About Storm was in a deleted scene of the movie.

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Agent Zero (FOX) David North
Agent Zero (FOX)
Blob (FOX) Fred Dukes
Blob (FOX)
Cyclops (FOX) Scott Summers
Cyclops (FOX)
Deadpool (FOX) Wade Wilson
Deadpool (FOX)
Emma Frost (FOX) Emma Grace Frost
Emma Frost (FOX)
Gambit (FOX) Remy LeBeau
Gambit (FOX)
John Wraith John Wraith
John Wraith
Kayla Silverfox Kayla Silverfox
Kayla Silverfox
Professor X (FOX) Charles Francis Xavier
Professor X (FOX)
Quicksilver (Fox) Peter Maximoff
Quicksilver (Fox)
Sabretooth (FOX) Victor Creed
Sabretooth (FOX)
Storm (FOX) Ororo Munroe
Storm (FOX)
The Wolverine (FOX) Logan
The Wolverine (FOX)
Weapon XI Weapon XI
Weapon XI
William Stryker (FOX) William Stryker, Jr.
William Stryker (FOX)