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The only person that can beat Batman is Alfred
Voted: Thor

Thor is not a rip-off of Shazam he is a god form Norse mythology, which has been around longer than Shazam
Voted: Aquaman

Aqua man is the Atlantian king. Batman is human and overrated. Aquaman can call on the creatures of the sea
Voted: Superman

Superman is an alien. Everyone seems to forget that Batman is only human. Plus Superman won in the comics
Voted: Scarlet Witch

Scarlet Witch's powers were given to her by a demon and she can wrap reality
Voted: Black Widow

Natasha is an assassin, trained from a ver young age with some of the best martial arts and was injected with super solider serum.
Voted: Wolverine

Remember wolverine was born in the 1880's. He fought in the world wars, his claws are made out one the strongest metals, he's a killing machine and he has a healing factor