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What is your universe tiering

Created by ManofPower, 4 y 2 mo 19 d ago.

Since a lot of ocs are in their own separate universes I'm wondering
What is their Dimensional tier
For Example


Danyel 1 mo 1 d
What is your universe tiering
1 months member
Modal cosmology, is immeasurable and cannot be measured from a physical point of view, the Axiom is the great principle of creation created the Infinite non-space and the metafictional complex-structure, if you want to study about them click here:
Joshn4 10 mo 21 d
What is your universe tiering
23 months member
I personally go using cardinality/infinite sets. A lot of people go dimensional tiering/VSBW tiering like Boundless, High Outer, Outer, Hyper, etc.

This is how my tiering system is. (Yes, this is my wiki)

1. Absolute Infinity
2. Inaccessible Cardinals
3. Aleph Omega and above
4. Aleph 2 to Aleph Omega
5. Aleph 1
6. Aleph Null
7. Multiversal (non-infinite)
8. Universal