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What is your universe tiering

Created by ManofPower, 5 y 5 mo 1 h 35 m ago.

Since a lot of ocs are in their own separate universes I'm wondering
What is their Dimensional tier
For Example


Hesperus 1 mo 23 d
What is your universe tiering
25 months member
my universe unbound by tiering.
Jonas 3 mo 15 d
What is your universe tiering
13 months member
according to my cosmology, the dimensional tier is as follows:

The Firmament Creator : High 1-A Possibly 0 (it reigns supreme and absolute in a Meta-Conceptual architecture , endlessly expanding layer upon layer Superior to infinite higher dimensions and metaphysical realms , and treating our reality as fiction)

Divine Code: 0 ( this is the Foundational Mind which holds infinite imaginary worlds who are connects to World Trees in its eternal sleep , visualize the form and structures of all substance and the extent of all space-time and all Primordial Forces and Аll Оrigins, each thing existing as a glimer of thought in his the infinite dream)

The Grand Void: 0 (outlined as a flow of all creation, a Totally nonexistent realm which is beyond All imagination, dream, logic, concept and reason as well as an infinite or boundless abyss in which all things will fade to inexhaustibility)

The fundamental layers/pataphysical totality: 0 (this is inhabited by the Supreme Architects it is composed of infinitely more transcendental realms which also constitute the eternal Ascent layer and planes, and even Wholeness axiom, All Four - levels Max Tegmark' Multiverses hierarchy, Ramsey cardinal. World Trees which connects infinite imaginary worlds of Foundational Mind'' Which dreams them forever)

The Supreme Architects: 0 Possibly Higher (and here we have arrived at supreme architects who are literally the creators of the All of Alpha Mythos' Cosmological Setting, transcending everything in it and excepting that they even look upon Pataphysical Totality and the Grand Void as a metaphor existing beneath them.)
Danyel 1 y 3 mo 11 d
What is your universe tiering
15 months member
Modal cosmology, is immeasurable and cannot be measured from a physical point of view, the Axiom is the great principle of creation created the Infinite non-space and the metafictional complex-structure, if you want to study about them click here: