War Machine

James Rhodes



War Machine Armor, Eidolon Warwear, Holo Armor, War Machine (Sentinel), Satellite Armor. Formerly Avengers Identicard.


The War Machine armor is equipped with a variety of projectile weapons, including repulsor rays that generate a magnetic wave to repel attacks, pulse bolts (extremely powerful plasma discharges), sonic generators, flash bombs, mini-guns, incendiary bombs, missiles, Gatling guns and a cannon which can be customized for particular artillery, including the anti-superhuman SPIN (Super-Power Inhibiting Nanobots) darts. A unibeam in the chest plate can project virtually every light spectrum (visible, infrared and ultraviolet), a laser beam and an EMP (Electro Magnetic Pulse) generator that can shut down electronic devices within a 50-yard radius (the armor can reboot itself within minutes). The armor also contains retractable steel knives.