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Battles created by voidstone

Team 1 Team 2
Team NekronTeam Dr Manhattan (Watchmen)1 mo 395411
The ArchitectThe One-Above-All4 mo 128511
The One Below AllThe Spectre7 mo 6820210
Scarlet Witch (True Darkhold)Zatanna (Otherkind)5 mo 38739
Zatanna (Otherkind)Raven (Unkindness) (FS)1 mo 31038
Team Darth Caedus (SWL)Team Azathoth3 mo 23238
Team WarlockTeam Superman2 mo 9037
Team DormammuTeam Darkseid3 mo 16137
Dark DoomOne Slap Man4 mo 14037
Scarlet Witch (True Darkhold)Doctor Strange (Black Priest)5 mo 25126
Team Doctor Strange (Classic)Team Thor1 mo 6036
Team The One-Above-AllTeam The Presence11 mo 40115
Tori-Bot & AzathothThe Presence & Void Ghidorah1 mo 9225
Team John ConstantineTeam Tori-Bot1 mo 13025
KnullDoomsday (Hunter Prey)4 mo 11025
Doctor Strange (Classic) & Doctor Strange (Black Priest)Scarlet Witch & Scarlet Witch (Earth-58163)7 mo 9725
GoldbergUndertaker7 mo 7325
Team Reverse FlashTeam The Joker1 mo 11025
Team The One-Above-AllTeam Knull4 mo 33815
Absorbing ManFantastic Four3 mo 13125