Vlad Gaurav

Vlad Gaurav

Vlad III Tepes

Vlad Gaurav's powers and abilities

Summoning his Demon Castle: Being the true master of the Demon Castle and having a connection with Chaos, Dracula's resurrection allows the castle to appear anywhere and anytime he desires. As long as Chaos exists, the castle cannot be destroyed.

Immortality: Thanks to Walter's soul, Dracula is immortal. Even though he can be killed, he will simply be reincarnated after approximately 100 years, although premature reincarnations are not uncommon.

Invulnerability: Dracula possesses superhuman endurance. Typical weapons would almost certainly not harm him or they would inflict minimal damage. However, certain weapons and measures, such as Dracula's own power (e.g. Shanoa's "Dominus" attack) or the Vampire Killer are capable of harming and killing him. Dracula is also (usually) invulnerable to attacks to any part of his body excluding his head. In his demon form, he seems to have lost this power. Dracula's resurrection also depends on the number of people in the world who desire his return and, between 1797 to 1999, he was resurrected more frequently.

Eternal night: It is always nighttime in the area surrounding Dracula's Castle.

Instant army: Dracula's dark powers affect even the dead and are able to create personal "golems" out of skeletons of various kinds, a variety of elemental golems, and can also give life to inanimate objects such as armor or furniture. However, this instant army is not as powerful as summoned demons from the Demon Realm.

Chaotic Realm: The Chaotic Realm is the source of darkness and only Dracula can enter this specific dimension. Dracula and his reincarnation, Soma Cruz, are the only ones recorded to have ever entered the Chaotic Realm. This realm also sports demons of various kinds that will bow to Dracula's will.