Verse Cosmologies

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Post Cosmologies for certain verses


Joshn4 1 y 10 mo 18 d
Verse Cosmologies
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The DC cosmology post below is laughable. The Crack/Oversphere and the Leviathan aren't even DC.
Proper_ 3 y 7 mo 29 d
Verse Cosmologies
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the Multiverse, which contains realms beyond all mathematics, which mathematics has been shown to contain Cantor's sets of theories as well as realms . The Om-Point is within the Swamp inside of the Timelines, which is connected to all dimensions , which in those comics refers to all levels of reality. The Marvel Multiverse works with a system oflayers /planes of existence, these planes/layer are said to be higher andlower realms whose diference is of transcendence/transfinite levels , these levels are every level of reality. And withing this system, Marvel works with an infinite number of these layers/planes of existence .
But even this entire system is an fraction of the totality of the Marvel Multiverse, inside the Eternity, exists an sea of primordial nothingnessand statements says that there's realms that exists outside the realms of time, space, infinity and beyond
EmptyHand 3 y 8 mo 24 d
Verse Cosmologies
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Leviathan of stories >>> >>> >>> >>> Oversphere >= Eonymous realm >>> Final heaven > Overvoid > 6th dimension > The source > Source wall > Aleph > Monitor sphere > Limbo > god sphere > Speed force limit > 5th dimension > time stream > Bleed > Metaverse > Multiverse > Universe

DC Cosmology ^^^
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