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Valerian Trifa

Shinza Banshou

Valerian Trifa's powers and abilities

Heart Reading

Valerian was born with the innate ability to read the hearts of others. This power allows him to see others' true intentions and motives. The power is limited as it does not work on Hadou Gods (Mercurius), their sensories (Shirou Yusa), or their apoptosis (Reinhard). He lost this ability upon gaining Reinhard's body as his Holy Relic.

Die Ewigkeit


Heilige Eohl

Valeria Trifa's constantly active Holy Relic, it is a Special Manifestation type. It is the physical body of Reinhard Heydrich himself. Due to the massive amount of souls that the body possesses as well as a barrier that was created by the first Transmutation of Gold, this Holy Relic boast an immense, almost absolute, defense.


Vanaheimr - Goldene Schwan Lohengrin

Vanaheimr-Goldene Schwan Lohengrin

(To the realm of God - Soar free, Swan Knight of Gold) Valeria’s Gudou Briah, based on his desire “I want to be another person”. If Heilige Eohl is the ultimate defense, then this is the ultimate attack. When activated, Valeria summons Reinhard’s Longinuslanze Testament from his chest. As he can't physically wield the holy spear, Valeria instead uses it like a missile, firing it at his targets, calling it back, and firing it again. Longinuslanze Testament is the ultimate spear, possessing an unlimited range, absolute accuracy, and infinite speed. However, the Briah has one major drawback: From the moment it activates to the instant where the spear is fully fired, Valeria looses his supernatural durability. He is still much more durable then a normal human, but in that instant he can be harmed by a member of LDO or someone with similar abilities.



Intelligence200 IQ

Super Powers