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LifeBernhard Baker
The Wolf-DragonLykkos

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Animal ManBernhard Baker7
Avatar KorraKorra-
BatgirlBarbara Gordon8
BatmanBruce Wayne10
Black Flash18
Black PantherT'Challa8
Blue Beetle IIIJaime Reyes7
Bruce LeeBruce Lee-
Captain AtomNathaniel Adam37
DaredevilMatt Murdock7
DeadpoolWade Wilson16
DeathstrokeSlade Wilson10
Doctor FateKent Nelson16
Doctor StrangeStephen Strange21
Elaine BellocElaine Belloc-
EtriganJason Blood8
FirestormRonald Raymond8
Flash IIBarry Allen16
Green LanternHal Jordan14
IcemanBobby Drake10
Iron FistDanny Rand8
JokerJack Napier10
Karate KidVal Armorr6
Karate Kid-
Lucifer MorningstarSamael85
Martian ManhunterJ'onn J'onzz21
MetamorphoRex Mason-
Michael DemiurgosMichael Demiurgos-
Michael MyersMichael Myers-
NightwingDick Grayson8
OdinOdin Borson62
Ra's Al GhulRa's Al Ghul9
Rick GrimesRichard Grimes-
RobinDick Grayson8
Spider-ManPeter Parker10
The Wolf-DragonLykkos-
Timber Wolf-
Toph BeifongToph Beifong-
VixenMari McCabe5
Wonder WomanDiana Prince17
ZatannaZatanna Zatara10

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3+ years member.
Doesn't matter if it's legal or not. You're not going to get in any trouble for doing the same thing millions of other people do all the time
3+ years member.
Definitely Cyborg if we're taking about the main members
3+ years member.
If you are talking pure raw strength, Batman (Bruce Wayne) takes it as he has been said to be able to bench half a ton and lift even more, and I don't think anyone else can match that. If you include suit assisted strength, then Batman Beyond (Terry McGinnis) wins as his base suit makes the user ten times stronger than their normal level. So if Terry even has a quarter of Bruce's strength, he would still be more than twice as strong with the suit.
3+ years member.
The second one. It would be pretty cool either way no matter how that reality. But if I lived in during WWII I would know all the valuable comics to collect that would be worth millions some day. So it's a win win win
3+ years member.
It just recently came out on Netflix internationally, which makes it much more accessible to the general public
3+ years member.
@Galactus If you change his name to "Aang (The Last Airbender)" then this could be the version of Aang from the M. Night Shyamalan live action movie
3+ years member.
Voted: Team Superman

@Marvel500 is from Earth
Dirt is from Earth
So naturally, @Marvel500 is weak to dirt
3+ years member.
I could definitely be released from the meta human prison once Team Flash sees that I'm not a bad guy, but there's no hope of release from the mutant prisons
3+ years member.
In this world, I would definitely choose to be a Kryptonian since they are much more versatile, but if I was living in a comic book world I would choose to be a speedster since they are more powerful overall.
3+ years member.
It took a few episodes to get used to this interpretation to the Titans, but it wasn't that bad by the end. There were definitely some really great moments that any DC fan would appreciate, but there were a lot more uncomfortable moments in terms of romance and just bad acting. And as I'm sure you've seen, this is a much darker and grittier version of the Titans, which did allow for more adult and realistic stories, but it was just really weird to see this type of atmosphere when watching a Teen Titans show.
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