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@Wolfdragon123 Wonder Woman #307. One Bracelet shattered to some magic daggers. While not likely, they aren't unbreakable and can only be broken by weapons with a more powerful magic in them. Only a godly weapon can break her bracelets.
@SirSpidey in that issue Donald Blake becomes Thor because his walking stick is linked with mjolnir. Only because of that walking stick are they linked. Once they become unbound Thor retains his standard intelligence and does not keep Donald's intelligence because Donald is becoming Thor and Thor is becoming Donald. When Thor becomes Donald he gains Donalds knowledge while he is in that form, and when Donald becomes Thor he has Thor's knowledge and powers. When they are separate they only know what they know as themselves. That is true through the entire series as Loki outsmarts Thor while he is Thor but when Donald becomes Thor then he outsmarts Loki. (Issue 85)
TheOverlord Team Battle 12 days ago
Except none of them can use their superpowers, which means it is a bunch or slightly above average humans playing a friendly game of football. It could go either way since they are all just normal people without any powers.
TheOverlord Team Battle 13 days ago
Lex Luthor and and Norman Osborn have brought to this world ancient evils. Battle takes place in egypt standard form 1 week prep time. I'm trying it again lol.
TheOverlord Team Battle 14 days ago
Agreed. Team 2 is stacked for victory.
TheOverlord Team Battle 14 days ago
@wolfdragon123 since there is only 1 infinity gauntlet we can't give it to all of them. I think most powerful form means most powerful without extra items that aren't known for their character. Like thanos would get the Infinity Gauntles because it is key to his character. So I don't think we can take the infinity gauntlet into this simply because none of these characters are key to their character to wield it. Does that make sense?
TheOverlord Team Battle 15 days ago
Actually @wolfdragon123 the starter of this battle specified that these are the characters at their strongest, which means a house of M Scarlet Witch. Also that means that Iron Man will be in his best armor which is immune to telepathy. Add bloody Sinestro and team 2 doesn't stand a chance.
TheOverlord Team Battle 15 days ago
Hmm Strange beats Fate but Manhattan beats them all so Team Manhattan for the win!!
TheOverlord Team Battle 16 days ago
The Heroes have made a grave error and have accidentally opened the chest that contains Imhoteps belongings, and now they are cursed for his hunger! Will the heroes defeat the villains before Imhotep is fully restored, or will the world fall to blackness as his evil spreads! For every hero that falls, Imhotep grows in power!
(I am trying fights pls tell me if good or nah)
TheOverlord Team Battle 16 days ago
Is knocking them out really a victory? Also jason and Michael have a habit of showing up in places you wouldn't expect them to be, I'm not saying it is impossible but it would be hard to hit them with anything good enough to put either down for the count. Plus once they are down great! but they will still get back up and keep coming. Also like you said in this fight they really can't do anything to Freddy so badguys I love!!
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