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that's not me on profile pic, that's a 10x grammy winner

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Doctor DespairJohn Hemmings
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Death Of The EndlessDeath-
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Doctor FateKent Nelson16
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Jean GreyJean Grey11
LegionDavid Haller30
Lucifer MorningstarSamael85
Mad Jim JaspersJim Jaspers-
Mister MxyzptlkMr. Mxyzptlk51
Phantom StrangerJudas Iscariot71
PhoenixJean Grey47
RogueAnna Marie8
Scarlet WitchWanda Maximoff20
Silver SurferNorrin Radd36
True MikaboshiAmatsu-Mikaboshi-
White Phoenix Of The CrownJean Grey-
Wonder WomanDiana Prince17
ZatannaZatanna Zatara10

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Latest comments

Voted: Black Canary

She already trashed him.
Voted: Thanos

No, because this isn't King Thanos, he's King PIS, that LT feat makes no sense whatsoever.
Voted: Thanos

This King Thanos is an alternate version that was actually killed by 616 Thanos, so...
Voted: Team Azathoth

Azathoth can probably solo TOAA by himself due to the latest retcon.
Voted: Team Azathoth

Absolutely not.
Voted: Team Azathoth

One-Above-All" v. Azathoth"
Beyonder v. Yog-Sothoth*
Living Tribunal v. Nyarlathotep*
Galactus* v. Cthulhu
Galactus v. Nyarlathotep, Yog-Sothoth*
Voted: Team Thanos (Heart Of The Universe)

Empty Hand is the weakest tbh. Maybe second weakest.
Voted: Team True Mikaboshi

It wasn't a compliment lmfao.
Voted: Team Doctor Mid-Nite

Too powerful, duh.
Voted: Team Doctor Mid-Nite