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Goku has defeated sinilar characters before
The only difference is goku has god level powers now and can literally move faster than time if he chooses to
So doctor strange can attempt to time travel but goku will literally just fly or run fast enough to catch him
skannerz22 Goku vs Shazam 117 days ago
Why are so many retards not picking goku
Seriously who
They need to watch dragon ball/z/gt/super
In simple terms
Every power legion has can be rendered invalid/useless against deadpool the moment deadpool breaks the 4th wall it will force legion to wonder if this is real or not and deadpool can convince him it's not real nothing is real which will cause legion to lose all of his powers and then create a new power of his own similating constantly having a deadpool inside his head that renders all of his other powers/personalities invalid
Which technically means that the deadpool personality of legion would eventually overrule the other personalities and legion would very likely permanantly be transformed into a deadpool personality due to legion gaining an artifical 4th wall breaking ability which helps him control and prevent the other personalities coming out at all rendering every other power null and void
Also with deadpools ability to break the 4th wall
He would literally merely cause legion to create a new personality to try and understand what 4th wall beeaking even is
Legion would create his own deadpool personality by believing deadpool is already part of his personality due to deadpool constantly breaking the 4th wall
Anyone who voted for legion is clearly dumb amd has never seen the comics
Legion is already dead
Deadpool has already killed the entire marvel universe every character even non-comic characters
The only person who was able to kill deadpool was a less insane version of deadpool

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