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These are my most favourite quotes of Thor: • "Your collective disbelief is palpable. Perhaps it is beyond your capabilities to truly comprehend the realms that exist far beyond the fields you know. So be it. Mine own path, then, becomes painfully obvious, never have I placed such trust in warriors that do not share my immortal blood. Perhaps it is not prudent to start now" - Thor Odinson • "Indeed, but let them tremble when the clarion call sounds! The revelation of our very existence will strike like the mightiest thunderclap! Out victories shall be the stuff of legend! Our triumphs shall echo throughout the nine worlds. 'Tis endeavors such as these where the warrior ideals of god and man intersect to produce something greater than the sum of its parts. On this day, we have declared war and we shall avenge the evils perpetrated by those who would oppose us. We shall avenge them all" - Thor Odinson • "Overconfidence is thy trademark, it doth seem, and though my trademark be mine enchanted mallet, I much prefer to prove my contention with said finger, or fist!" - Thor Odinson • "The other Avengers are mortal as thou sayest, but I am far more!" - Thor Odinson • "Thou shalt crave far greater strength if the battle thou desireth comes!" - Thor Odinson • "We are gods, 'tis our purpose to set aright the path of lesser beings" - Thor Odinson • "See what thine rampant power hath created? A new star doth burn in the Negative Zone! Methinks from this day on, that realm shall not be quite as cold" - Thor Odinson • "I will spit my defiance at you.......with my last breath!" - Thor Odinson • "One lie or ten thousand! It makes no difference to the light of truth! To the divine lightning that burns away lies!" - Thor Odinson • "Ah! You suppose you hold the hammer of Thor! Ha! 'Twas merely returning to its prince on command, dragging your bulk like an overloaded sled" - Thor Odinson • "I leave you with this thought. It is not the one with the greatest power which is important! It is the one who uses his power wisely, in the cause of justice!" - Thor Odinson • "My Hammer! He Sliced It In Two! If fate decrees that I do battle with no weapon, then so be it! But, though only death can be the outcome, I shall fight while a single breath remains within me!" - Thor Odinson • "Somehow, a victory has more meaning when it is won by the force of your own arms, the ingenuity of your own brain! This battle I shall remember for many years to come!" - Thor Odinson • "The legend has come true! By the will of the gods, I am alive! I am invincible! I am Thor!" - Thor Odinson • "The noble Thor doth move where he doth please, youth. Yet, methinks thou dost speak too a god!" - Thor Odinson • "There is a saying among the super hero community that has even reached the hallowed halls of Asgard, "With great power comes great responsibility." The question is, what happens when the power is too great? What should be thy responsibility then?" - Thor Odinson • "Bad days are coming. We have seen worse. What they did to Bill was a message to all of us, a threat. This menace is very real. It is very powerful. And it is traveling a very long way to destroy us all. We will raise our defenses. We will fight them to the last. And we will defend those that cannot defend themselves. Today we fight, brothers and sisters. Today we stand up and never, ever relent. Brothers and sisters, prepare yourselves. Today we go to war!" - Thor Odinson • "There was a time I might have killed you for an insult such as that, old man. I save your world and you dare doubt me?" • "By the power vested in me by the throne of Asgard, I, Thor, God of Thunder, condemn thee to die!" • "Nay, father. Some of us have been killing giants today and aren't in the mood to have a tea party" • "All the power of the storm, from all the world, flows through my veins, and can be summoned by mine hammer at any time, wherever it is. A lightning storm in Japan? Mine. A hurricane off the coast of Barbados? Mine again. A brace of tornadoes in Kansas? Aye, mine. All that might, all that destructive force, mine to command. Channeled and guided through the mystic might of this hammer, guided right at thee!" - Thor Odinson • "By Ymir's frost-covered beard, art thou mad? I create a new secret identity as Sigurd Jarlson. I entrust one Avenger with my address. Thou com'st hither to ask my aid and then thou wouldst consume fried fowl ere returning to our allies! By my troth, Olympian! Every time I consider thee a full-fledged god, thou remindest me of thy half-human heritage!" - Thor Odinson • "Gods are vain and vengeful creatures. Always have been. The mortals who've worshipped us for centuries would all be better off without us. We gods do not deserve their love. No matter how much we fight to fool ourselves. We are all unworthy" - Thor Odinson • "Let the eyes of Midgard turn fore'er upward to a new dawn! Let their vision be fore'er influenced, graced, and filled with aspiration by the glory and eternal richness of Asgard!" -Thor Odinson

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If Wonder Womans cute little bracelets can stop Darkseids Omega Beams, Im sure Thors hammer, which is made up of the most resilient material in the universe, can do the same. That is if The Omega Beams could touch Mjolnir, which it cant because Mjolnir transcends time and space. Once the battle goes on too long Thor will eventually have to use the godblast which will kill Darkseid
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@Spectre: Please tell me why Thor shouldnt have a 110 in intellect
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@remy94: Here is your reference, which I have already given to you, Journey Into Mystery #83 through present day. Your right, hes not the embodiment of magic, I said hes "PRACTICALLY AN embodiment of magic". That doesnt mean he is. But every ability and every weapon he posseses is magic in nature, just like his godly energies. Even Asgard is magical in nature. But of course you wouldnt know this due to a lack of knowledge on Thor. And if ALL of Thors magical capabilities come from his weapons and equipment, then how did he create a blast with his bare hands more powerful than the likes of Mjolnir? Lol, your saying that Thor has mental instabilities? Yes, there is a VERSION of Thor where he goes practically insane and unleashes his true power, but that is not the same version of sane Thor. Im not trying to take away an ability from Thor, Im just saying Warriors Madness Thor is a completely different version of Thor. Thats why they made a name for when Thor goes into that state
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Also, if you are wanting to debate the intellect of Warriors Madness Thor you should create a forum for that debate but for right now we are talking about regular, sane Thor. I also think you should do some more reading on Thor before you start commenting things like Thor isnt magic or he doesnt know as much about magic as Loki. These are things someone would already know if he has read Thor comics. So, all in all, Thor deserves a 100 in intellect due to: • 1 - Thousands of years of experience • 2 - Knowledge of all 10 realms • 3 - Knowledge of complex Earthly ststems of electronics that he can use to aid himself, much like Iron Man • 4 - The intellect and experience given to him by Donald Blake who has built a robot with an IQ of 375 and is known as one of the best surgeons in the world who graduated from Med-School at Harvard University
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Thor has learned complex Earthly systems of electronics while he was with Tony Stark. Lol, now your swithing your opinions. In one comment your saying that Thor isnt magical and now your saying he is? Cmon, lets keep up a well thought out and logical debate. All Im trying to say is that Thor is a genius in the arts of war and he is also a genius in the arts of medicine, electronics, and science because of his gifted intellect given to him by Donald Blake. So yes, Thor is a science based character given that Thor has had the intellect of Donald Blake almost since his creation.
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I understand what insanity is, I just dont understand what it has to do with intelligence. Do you think that after Thor is done with his Warriors Madness state he isnt as smart? Thor is a genius in the arts of war and is a genius in the arts of medicine, electronics, and science because of the intelligence granted to him by Donald Blake. He also has knowledge of all 10 realms and has thousands of years of experience under his belt. Also, if Thor himself isnt an embodiment of magic and all his magic comes from Mjolnir, then how did Thor create a blast more powerful than Mjolnir with his bare hands? Thor has used the intelligence of Donald Blake beginning from Jouney Into Mystery #83 through prestent day. I dont know what your trying to poont out by that question
1+ years member.
@remy94: If someone is intellectual, he knows a ton. The whole point of learning is to KNOW what you are trying to learn. If you dont KNOW what your trying to learn, your not learning. When were talking about intelligence, it all boils down to how much someone knows. The point Im trying to make is that Thor knows a ton which would in the end make Thor extremely intelligent. Plus he has the intelligence of Donald Blake which would make him all that much more intelligent in the realm of electronics, science, and medicine. What does arrogance and insanity (which every character is at times) have to do with intelligence? I dont understand, please explain. And considering Thor is practically an embodiment of magic, Im pretty sure he knows a vast amount of what and who he is, which is, of course, magic
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@wolfdragon123/remy94: Intelligence can be many things. I could argue that if someone is knowledgeable, he is intelligent. And Thor is wise which means he is knowledgeable. And like @God_of_Thunder said, Thor has the intelligence of Donald Blake who built an android that had an IQ of 375 (183 points more than Batmans IQ, it almost doubles Batmans IQ) and could withstand blows from Mjolnir. Also, the time spent with the Avengers, more specifically Tony Stark, gave him great knowledge of complex Earthly systems of electronics and the ability to modify the systems for his own purposes. Add all the knowledge of all 10 realms and thousands of years of experience, and you get someone who is one of the most knowledgeable and intelligent beings to ever exist on Earth
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@CapricornX102igz: Amen! Finally, someone who gets it. People always underrate the power of Thor and all the other Asgardians. If Thor has been around thousands of years, there is absolutely no way he cant be smarter then an alien who was raised and gained all his knowledge on Earth and has been on it for only 30 or 40 years. Lol, thats just ridiculous. Thor has knowledge of all 10 realms and has been around thousands of years. And like Capricorn said, if someone has wisdom, he has much knowledge
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SirSpidey Team Battle 7 days ago
Team 2 easily
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