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I Appreciate your opinion. It could go either way.
That was because the SSJ3 puts a strain on goku's body. SSG and SSGSS does not strain his body more than SSJ 1 which he has mastered. Superman also does have his limits like i mentioned earlier. He needs constant solar radiation or he will get tired out. Superman's invulnerability has its limits aswell. Powerful enough characters like Doomsday or Darkseid are powerful enough to kill Superman. It is not a stretch to say that Goku is on par with Darkseid with superior speed and fighting skill advantage.
Goku needs update because his new forms in Dragon ball super. Speed 100 Durability 100 height 175 cm and 62 kg
Spider-man's durability and power are a way too high
Also Batman's strength is way too much. he should be at 453 kg or 1000 lbs max
Add new characters like Super Mario, Wargreymon, Metalgarurumon, Robocop, Link from Zelda
SilverSisu Thor vs Goku 227 days ago
Regular Thor loses because he is too slow. If this is RKT Thor i could see him winning. It could go either way.
Goku wins. That 40 tons was inconsistency. Kid Goku was able to push 200 ton mountain with Krillin way back in Dragon Ball.
In supreme kai's planet Goku lifted the katchin cube which is atleast equivalent to neutron star (heaviest and hardest material known to man) and he did this in his base form without any difficulty. Goku is also Faster than superman reaching FTL speeds in frieza saga and is arquably the greatest martial artist in fiction. Don't get me wrong Superman puts up a good fight but SSG goku has more than enough power to put the Man of Steel down permanently and Goku has his SSGSS and kaiokenx10 left. In SSG form Goku is atleast multi galaxy buster and SSGSS Goku is a legit Universe buster.
If this is regular Thor then this is a good matchup. I see Thor winning with major difficulty even though Superman is faster. Thor is stronger and has his magical Mjolnir, and warrior madness. RKT Thor stomps Superman
Thor beats flash with little difficulty
SilverSisu Goku 227 days ago
My opinion for Goku:
Intelligence 62
Strength 100
Speed 100
Durability 100
Power 100
Combat 100
Iron man Destroys DP
This battle is a coin toss. it could go either way.

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