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“When you’re back in the sciencells, the other inmates are going to ask what happened. You tell them — Never question the will of HAL JORDAN!” — Hal muthaf****n’ Jordan, 2018

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2+ years member.
Voted: Luke Skywalker

Nobody said we could in the first place.

Why the hell would The Son bring his true form, which exists throughout the entire multiverse (ahem omnipresence), just for a single avatar?

He wasn't, plain and simple.

He's a walking Dark Side Nexus, that's kinda what they do.

No, just no. Surfer does not threaten Thanos in the slightest, he is less than bacteria compared to Thanos. And let's get something else straight, Surfer is multi-solar system level, Thanos is multi-universal. Surfer is literally infinitely below Thanos.
2+ years member.
What makes you think it NEEDS them? There's absolutely nothing that says The Force absolutely needs Anakin or Revan to balance it.
2+ years member.
Voted: Luke Skywalker

Luke failing to destroy the Death Star is canon to ITS OWN TIMELINE IN THE MULTIVERSE.

Are you actually using Wookieepedia, a fan edited site, as evidence? We know the Ones were mere avatars because The Force continued to exist. If it was one of The Ones' true forms, that side of the Force would become completely non-existent. If The Daughter dies, the Light Side goes with her, as she literally is the Light Side.

Imagine thinking anyone said it did.

Everyone who works with Nihilus is undead, or Nihilus just, you know, WILLINGLY DEACTIVATED HIS DRAIN? Do you think he's incapable of doing such a thing if he so chooses?

No, Surfer never gives Thanos a decent fight. He is always stomped into the dirt with zero difficulty, and people stronger than Surfer have done just as badly. Surfer is nowhere near Thanos' level, it might as well be an insult to Thanos to try and compare Surfer to him.
2+ years member.
Voted: Luke Skywalker

That doesn't mean it's non-canon, it again just supports the fact that there is a multiverse.

You asked for examples of omnipresents using normal movement speed, if you only meant from Star Wars you should have specified that. And the Force still existed because the ones that appeared in TCW were AVATARS. They weren't the full embodiments of the sides of the Force, it would be idiotic to think so. And your poor attempt at sarcasm contradicts itself because you acknowledge the fact that The Father >>> The Son, so clearly The Son cannot escape via his own power.

It's entirely passive, it's always active. "Faster attack potency" isn't a thing. The term you're looking for is attack speed. And I do hope you aren't trying to compare Surfer to Thanos, who has pounded Surfer into dust every time they've fought, and Odin, who didn't even flinch from Thanos and Surfer's COMBINED ATTACK. Surfer stops at Nihilus, let alone trying to mess with the top tiers like Luke, Sidious, Caedus, Yoda, Revan, etc.
2+ years member.
Voted: Luke Skywalker

Star Wars Infinities is entirely canon to the EU, where are you getting your information from?

Eternity is omnipresent. He uses normal movement speed more frequently than just appearing. The Father, even weakened, is still superior to The Son. And considering that The Son is the literal Dark Side of the Force and exists everywhere that side of the Force does, he's nigh-omnipresent at the very least.

Nihilus' Force drain is passive and constantly on, try again. And you're still wrong about him speedblitzing all the mortals because a multitude of them have vastly superior AP.
2+ years member.
Not voted yet

The Living Tribunal was not even mentioned in that issue, so do you have any scans proving that those Watchers are on the level of the Living Tribunal?
2+ years member.
Not voted yet

J just realized I replied to the wrong comment, whoops. Whatever, do you have any proof supporting The Watchers being comparable to The Living Tribunal? Scans would be appreciated.
2+ years member.
Voted: Luke Skywalker

Star Wars Infinities almost word for word describes multiverse theory as being a thing. As quoted directly from the comic; "But destiny can be such a fragile construct, so dependent on the now while the future is so ripe with possibilities... alternatives..." and more obviously... "Vents inexorably drawn to a linchpin in time. To a temporal fulcrum on which a specific future rises. A future birthed in one white-hot, blinding moment. A future made, event by event, link by link, a living chain of action, reaction... and change. Alter one event, and a new future comes to be." Basically, it says every decision made creates a new timeline where the opposite option is chosen and it happens with every single timeline. That's multiverse theory, the verse easily has a multiverse.

One, The Father was keeping him on Mortis. Two, avatars are a thing. Three, there are several examples of omnipresents using normal physical movement instead of just appearing where they want to.

Surfer is a multi-solar system buster, he'd get slapped down by a lowballed Nihilus.
2+ years member.
Voted: White Phoenix Of The Crown

He actually doesn't, TWSAIS merely mimic the quotes of The Beyonder, which is not enough evidence to say that they are Beyonders.
2+ years member.
Not voted yet

The Watchers are not comparable to The Living Tribunal in any way, they aren't even close.
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