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I dreamed up Thor years ago because I wanted to create the biggest, most powerful superhero of all and I figured who can be bigger than a god?' Lee says of his idea for his God of Thunder, which was first scripted by Stan's younger brother, Larry Lieber. 'I chose the Norse gods,' Lee adds, 'because I felt people were less familiar with them than with the Greek and Roman gods.' He is far from being the most popular superhero, this title goes to characters as Spiderman, Batman, Superman with perhaps Wolverine and Deadpool directly after them. One of my favorites because of my intrest in history and myths not the least Asgardian mythology. Im a game master for a Metahuman world with Marvel universe as the base. There are also other elements included as a little bit Dc and other things to shape a bit darker and more balanced world. If there are more fans on this site playing or game mastering perhaps there is intrest having this as subject for discussion. Ofcourse i also see the movies in the gener and have read the comics since childhood. My Avatars so far Prince Namor, Wolverine, Shazam, Silver Surfer, Doctor Strange, Silver Sable, Black Panther, Daredevil, She Hulk and Batman / Daredevil, Captain America, Arishem the Judge

Favourite characters

Arishem the JudgeArishem-
BatmanBruce Wayne10
Black PantherT'Challa8
Captain AmericaSteve Rogers7
DaredevilMatt Murdock7
Doctor DoomVictor von Doom18
Doctor StrangeStephen Strange21
HulkBruce Banner16
Iron FistDanny Rand8
MagnetoErik Magnus Lensherr11
Moon KnightMarc Spector 4
NamorNamor McKenzie11
OdinOdin Borson62
ShazamBilly Batson24
She-HulkJennifer Walters13
Silver SurferNorrin Radd36
SupermanClark Kent25
ThorThor Odinson30
Wonder WomanDiana Prince17

Favourite Team-Battles

Latest comments

Why even create a battle like this ?
Superman alone versus a standard Avengers team.
Voting for Superman is obvious fan voting and not objective.
Captain America , Black Widow and Hawk Eye is of course of no use versus the Kryptonian.
The Incredible Hulk and Iron Man is a duo that could put up a strong fight.
Mighty Thor is the Aliens superior because of origin, nature, artifacts and expirience.
The three of them together is of course more than the most known superhero may handle.
The Avengers is victorious with one, two or three fighting !
1+ years member.
A very unfair battle, there is no balance what so ever. Mighty Thor, Silver Surfer, Goku and Flash obviously got a lot more power than the women may have any chans to handle.
1+ years member.
I think in general his Intelligence and expirience is underrated, it should be a high score but not highest.
The highest scores are used to often and should be limited to less characters in my mind.
Writers often writs Thor looking a bit stupid using only brute strength not even his Versatility as a warrior God !
1+ years member.
The God of Thunder is of course a warrior God first of all. The very purpose of his existence is to be his pantheons greatest warrior.
The protector of nine realms inclueding Midgard earth.
He is raised to become a king one day, to rule the plane etarnal. He knows a lot about magic and the nine realms. The very nature of Asgard and his existence is magical. A simple short explanation of his character is a magical warrior God !
Skilled in warfare tactics and also got expirience from several thousend years.
About more science based nature of knowledge i think the writing is more inconcistant. The God have used the knowledge of Blake even years after this  conection was ended. I would say that his knowledge about science is fair but not impressive.
1+ years member.
Even this sites is not concistent and realy accurate as Wolfdragon in some way explained. In the comics Thor is able to have have advantage of Dr Donald Blakes Intelligence who is a surgeon and have also built an android.
The expirience and knowledge of thousends of years he of course is very intelligent.
To note is that this inconcistant writing is of course not limited to Mighty Thor
1+ years member.
Thor vs Wonder Woman - Thor
Green Lantern vs Hulk - Hulk
Flash vs Superman - Superman
Captain America vs Batman - Captain America
Iron Man vs Spiderman - Iron Man
Deadpool vs Wolverine - Wolverine
Thor vs Superman - Thor
Iron Man vs Hulk - Hulk
Captain America vs Wolverine - Wolverine
Thor vs Hulk and Wolverine - Thor
Team Flash victorious
1+ years member.
This is a realy good battle Remy !
I will have a better look when i got the time
1+ years member.
Is someone using the movie versions ?
Its diffrent universes and versions of the characters.
Mcu for Marvel cinematic universe were the characters have been lowered a lot in power. Not the least Thor who is not a God and the incredible Hulk.
In the Dcu power levels is not lowered that much. This may have something to do with the film companys involved, Disney and Warnerbros.
No this teams are the classic comic book versions of the superheroes in modern time.
Try to understand the characters strength and weaknesses, who and what they are.
Its not because of who is the best superhero, that is another story and come down to nothing else than preference.
I have a hard time beliving only one team will win all the battles, no loses on bouth sides.
In the end Avengers will triumph
1+ years member.
This is a much more even battle having the Dc team joined of two more Jl members.
The team leaders Captain America versus Batman will have Captain America as the victorious
The incredible Hulk versus Wonder Woman is a very close battle that i think Wonder woman wins.
Iron Man versus Green Lantern i think will have Green Lantern as victorious.
Mighty Thor versus Superman will of course have the Magical warrior God as the victorious.
Then the battle continue
Captain America versus Wonder Woman obviously will have Wonder Woman as victorious
Mighty Thor versus Green Lantern will have the God as the one still on his feat.
The last and final battle
The Thunder God defeats Wonder Woman and the Avengers still will be victorious
1+ years member.
No one may solo the other team in this battle i think its quite balanced there are powerful characters in bouth.
Team 1 got Mighty Thor the obviously most powerful in the battle, Flash the fastest and Wonder Woman a warrior Demigodes.
They also have Captain America to lead the team in the battle and Batman coming up with a tactic to use all heroes in his team to a maximum.
Superman and Hulk will put up an incredible fight !
Mighty Thor beating the man of steel to death with a blazing Mjolnir from asgardian magical energy.
Wonder woman battling the incredible Hulk in a very close battle ending in victory.
The Flash with support of Captain America , Batman and Hawk eye defeating the rest of team 2
1+ years member.
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