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CableNathan Summers21
Franklin RichardsFranklin Richards88
GodspeedAugust Hart-
IcemanBobby Drake10
Killer FrostCaitlin Snow8
Professor ZoomEobard Thawne10
QuakeDaisy Johnson9
Scarlet WitchWanda Maximoff15
Silver SurferNorrin Radd36
Speed DemonWally West-
TaskmasterTony Masters7
VenompoolWade Wilson20

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FiRiCe 61 days ago
Voted: Team Doctor Strange
Superman and Martian manhunter vs silver surfer*
Wonder woman vs hulk*
Flash vs iceman *
Shazam,cyborg and green lantern vs Dr strange*
Batman and aquaman vs namor,wolverine, Valkyrie and nighthawk*
The justice league vs ghost rider/silver surfer/Dr strange*
* = win
Either way justice league ain't gonna win this one, defenders will demolish them
FiRiCe 77 days ago
There's a reason I didn't put White Phoenix of the crown on the list because she barely won against a weakened Galactus after taking millions of lives from the future
And I can't put Phoenix force itself on the list because it's not a being and if I put it there then I have to put power cosmic, HOTU,infinity stones,uni power etc. on the list too
But for your satisfaction you can see pre retcon molecule man is on the list who has the full control over Phoenix force
FiRiCe 77 days ago
Krona(DC),kismet(DC),Michael korvac(marvel)
FiRiCe 77 days ago
God(image), Satan(image)
FiRiCe 77 days ago
And here are some honorable mentions who are weaker or on par with Galactus
Gaea(marvel),rune king Thor (marvel), Mr. Mxyptlk(DC),zera(image),Odin (marvel),mistress death(marvel), silver racer (amalgam), black racer (DC)[Barry Allen, only],dominus (DC),anti monitor (DC)chaos war Hercules (marvel),white Phoenix of the crown(marvel),Zeus(marvel/DC),the monitors (DC)
FiRiCe 77 days ago
Down there are 2 more that I can't write in the description due to 1000words limit
FiRiCe 77 days ago
26.the endless (DC) [all combined]
27.mad Jim jaspers(marvel) [not so sure about this one]
FiRiCe 77 days ago
This forum is for the most powerful beings in the universe, bottom line -powerful than Galactus
If you want an explanation for a being I listed here feel free to ask
FiRiCe 77 days ago
Add sentry, Thor, surfer, Superman, Luke cage, hulk
FiRiCe 77 days ago
Add wonder man too
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

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