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History? Time is perception... Eternity has always been NOW... Time is a construct to force organization, but no matter what the clock reads, the "time" is always NOW!

Favourite characters

ApocalypseEn Sabah Nur24
BatmanBruce Wayne10
Doctor StrangeStephen Strange21
Dr ManhattanJonathan Osterman38
Hal JordanHal Jordan14
HulkBruce Banner16
JokerJack Napier10
Lex LuthorLex Luthor10
OdinOdin Borson62
SinestroThaal Sinestro12
ThorThor Odinson30

Favourite Team-Battles

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No remy 94, I strongly disagree with your Spectre assessment... In my opinion, why make a list of of 5 strongs when you can get this set right now with 1 name; 1 being???
I'll wait to choose my winner... Let this epic battle begin!!!
Dr Manhattan although not born a god, has more godlike Powers than nearly all the hero or villain proper gods... There seems to be no limit to Dr Manhattan's abilities and power. No disrespect intended, but after Dr Manhattan obliterates Darkseid, it's only right that Dr Manhattan will have earned His godly position! He should be called Lord Manhattan; God of Universes!
Dr Manhattan would eliminate these two demigods faster than the speed of Light! There's nothing demi about Dr Manhattan...
Superman can now be labeled a woman beater!
Dr. Manhattan is, let's face it... 100% UNBEATABLE!!! Dr. M is the ULTIMATE of ultimates and even though I personally favor Hulk, I'm under no delusion from favoritism... Dr. M would kill Hulk with a thought! Even everyone's favorite "indestructible" Superman (though not a Man, but an extraterrestrial) would stand ZERO chance against The ULTIMATE Dr. Manhattan... Does anyone have a different opinion than myself, or can you think of another hero/villian which you believe would stand a chance against Dr. M??? 😅... sorry. Oh, before anyone even tries, Doctor Strange also has ZERO chance... Regardless of his Awesomeness...
Suicide Squad

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