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Team of premium Absorbers VS A lot of Energy to absorb
who wins?
@SirSpidey Please read the 1st half of what I said; I need to know. Ready to vote, but don't like voting blindly.
I have no problem voting for him, but never heard of him. What are some specifics on him; what powers does he have and/or what makes him such a great superhero or villain?
I wish the moderators had allowed you to add a brief statement about the character(BRIEF--EBAY REVIEW OR TWITTER STYLE) that you were trying to add. This clears up any confusion; sometimes, people don't know a character or ,even, there are multiple characters with the same exact name from the same exact company(Hydron, etc.) I think this CONFUSION caused characters like the "PLANETEERS" OR DUKE NUKEM(THE PLANETEERS' NUMBER 2 VILLAIN WHO ABSORBS AND FIRES RADIATION AND BEHIND ONLY CAPTAIN POLLUTION). Also, this CONFUSION seemed to keep characters like SUPERMAN BLUE, LUMINUS, REPTIL, METEOR MAN, STRYKER(MK), AND I ONCE PUT UP CAPTAIN AMERICA(SAM WILSON) multiple times and there have been others, but was rejected only to see him added when someone else listed him. You wouldn't have to "campaign" so much for your characters so that the CONFUSION goes away.
I asked about the simple format change, but was told flat out that no changes would be made to the current new add characters page structure. It would really clear things up. SORRY, I HAD TO ASK.
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Probably. Still, this would not even be relevant since Wolverine can't cut Clark anyway. If it's unipowered Wolverine, then you can make the argument that Clark couldn't since Logan would be 50 times better and the adamantium is a part of his body. If that metal and Logan increases 50 fold(with molecular manip), then he probably beats Thanos or Darkseid or anyone else that doesn't destroy worlds, seriously.
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@bbo23 if it was unipowered Wolverine yes, but not ordinary Wolverine. The metal is one of the right kinds to do it, but Logan is not nearly strong enough. SO, NO. Hope this helps.
The last one was BAD! 2003 was better than alright and they got the Hulk's dimensions right, too; that tank scene was great, too; they had great villains for him to fight, but they seemed to make him much smarter than he should have been. At the end, for instance, he was smart enough to change the course of the fight against his dad. Regular Hulk did not think; he was a fighter and that was it. If any of them needs a reboot, it's the 2008 version that I owned and trashed. Maybe do a WWH version, even, maybe where Betty dies and we get the full Hulk.
Think about a battle between Captain Atom, or someone with radiation absorption and who has been overloaded, VS Duke Nukem, a radiation cell. Plus, radiation can cause death within hours! And, that would be very bad!
Kwame(voiced by Levar Burton on the series) had the power ring of earth.
Wheeler had the power ring of fire.
Linka had the power ring of wind.
Ma-Ti had the power ring of heart, which had a similar effect to when telepaths change a foes' minds.
Gi was the weakest of the group; she had the power ring of water, but it relied on there being a lot of water nearby.
Duke Nukem was the number 2 enemy of the Planeteers and Captain Planet behind only Captain Pollution; he had radioactive blasts and I think any radiation, such as the sun, energized him. He was a big threat to Captain Planet.
Voted: Squirrel Girl
I don't know much about SG, but, if that picture is based on what she can do, there's no way AM can win. It's like Rat King; if you've got flight or super invulnerability then maybe.
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