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TheOverlord 8 days ago
Voted: Deadpool
Also he simply chooses not to use the teleporter because, and this is a direct quote, it "makes things too easy". Deadpool literally has to lower himself to others levels to make fights more fair.
TheOverlord 8 days ago
Voted: Deadpool
Neither Punisher nor Moonknight actually beat him, in both situations deadpool actually gives up and walks away. With moonknight Deadpool was fighting him on a full moon, where he is superpowerful and would murder Slade. Still, deadpool put up a fight but decided it wasn't worth it. With Punisher, the fight went into verbal insults and deadpool gave punisher credit and yielded, in other words the only people who slade could beat deadpool let win because he wasn't in the mood. As to the bullet or sword through the brain, that would only slow deadpool down, he has fought on with his head sliced in two, his body hit by a rocket launcher, and Hulk ripping him in half. None of which stopped him for very long. He is way too durable for Slade to cope with.
TheOverlord 8 days ago
Voted: Deadpool
Deadpool has been knocked around by the Hulk and didn't get knocked out, I'm pretty sure he can take any punishment from Slade. Regardless deadpool can simply teleport behind Slade and stab him through or leave the comic page and enjoy some chimichangas then tear slades page out(Which he has done before). Deadpool has a plethora of ways to end Slade, Slade can neither KO or kill deadpool.
TheOverlord 8 days ago
Voted: Deadpool
Even if Slade removed his head deadpool can grow it back. The Invisible Woman blew it up and removed it and it grew back in seconds. Slade literally has no way to destroy deadpool, deadpool has dozens of ways to kill slade.
TheOverlord 8 days ago
Not voted yet
Sadly the EU doesn't matter as Disney has removed it all from Canon. Whether you like it or not we have to wait for the next movie to find out just how powerful Luke is. To that note I never really considered anything besides movies and the TV series in a fight. But that is just my statement on star wars, I'm a movie purist never played the games outside of the battlefront series.
TheOverlord 8 days ago
Voted: Deadpool
He would actually. Deadpool's healing is ridiculous and his ability to break the fourth wall as well as teleporting gives him a huge edge over slade. He is also so unpredictable that taskmaster, who's power is predicting peoples attacks, can't predict what he is going to do. Tactics and brains mean nothing in a fight with deadpool. As for combat ability, deadpool isn't a bad fighter himself and Slade can't fight forever. No matter how many times he hurts deadpool, he can't kill deadpool but all deadpool needs is a good hit and eventually that is going to happen. And thus deadpool wins.
TheOverlord 9 days ago
I am not so sure aajay. The site is for heroes and villains throughout fiction, and Satan and Lucifer make great villains, which is why demons and such things are prevalent throughout comics and other fiction. The fact is they are good fun as purely evil one minded beings. And the same can be said for heroes in fiction, and with a long list of miracles Jesus is the hero of his story. And if we use the bible as a sort of canon and treat all this like other fiction then Jesus would be a great hero to add. Though his moral principle would keep him from actually killing anybody. Opinions from other users? TBH I don't really care if he gets added or not I down voted him because he isn't able to kill anything and isn't technically a comic hero or Superhero, of which the database is named.
TheOverlord 9 days ago
Honestly I will say it is probably one of my favorite Superhero movies to date. And recent movies have me feeling hopeful as alot of recent Hero films have been alot better then what we have been getting. Spiderman homecoming and Wonder Woman were both showing that hero films were new and fresh again, and the new take on Thor made me like it more then either of the other two. As far as Marvel goes I have to put it above Civil War, but below the first Avengers movie and the first Iron Man. Oh and Winter Soldier as well. So one of the best Marvel movies to date in my opinion. Hopefully DC can make Justice League a good thing, I am genuinely rooting for a win, and Gal Gadot did marvelous with Wonder Woman. But I still liked Ragnarok better. But that is just one Overlord's opinion lol.
TheOverlord 9 days ago
Doesn't DC have history with Jesus though? Their spear of Destiny is said to be the spear that killed Jesus himself. So we could add jesus as the DC comic character that is killed by said spear.
TheOverlord 11 days ago
Voted: Unicron
Well not technically a Father, but I don't know what you would call The One. The being that is never seen but created Unicron then divided him into his brother Primus. And then is never heard from. I was never clear about if The One is god over there or put himself into his creations or is the Universe, so I just call him their father.
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