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TheOverlord 5 days ago
Not voted yet
You know helmets aren't what makes people immune to telepathy right? Thor has natural resistance his helmet has nothing to do with it. If helmets made people immune to telepathy then Wolverine would be completely immune but he gets read all the time man.
TheOverlord 18 days ago
Voted: Team Shadowcat
I agree. Zoom's speed gives him a clear advantage, though he would be in trouble with Venom. Luckily, his team has Shadowcat, who can make herself and anybody she touches intangible. Which means that all Zoom has to do is pick her up and they will be immune to all incoming attacks and fast enough to kill every single enemy. Easy win for team 1.
TheOverlord 22 days ago
Voted: Team Rune King Thor
Let's see. On Team 1 beyonder, White Phoenix of The Crown, Rune King Thor could all solo the other team. They are way to powerful to fight team 2.
TheOverlord 23 days ago
Aajay comic books often ignore the laws of physics. You can't bring real world things into comic books. If we are following the laws of physics then literally every superpower is impossible. Nothing the size of Superman can have an energy output equivalent to what he puts out. The fact is Superman is inconsistent but that doesn't matter because he has gone far faster out the gate the cyclops could ever even register movement wise before he was taken out. Superman will beat him everytime. That's it all there is nothing more needs to be said the end. Period.
TheOverlord 23 days ago
Also it is near impossible to life his hammer knocking it out of Thor's hand is much easier then lifting it, infact knocking it out is barely a feat as you would simply have so hit his hand with enough force to make him react and drop it. And Superman has never lifted Thor's hammer because they are from two different company's and any cross over is non cannon.
TheOverlord 23 days ago
Yes his bones are fully encased but he still has to have a joint ball at his wrist or else he wouldn't be able to rotate it, meaning cyclops could have still simply popped it out. So your point is still very debated these days.
TheOverlord 24 days ago
Superman on the other hand has dodged bullets at 5 feet and closer. To give you a reference for a human being to dodge a bullet if their reaction time was .20 seconds, Aka the highest of olympic athletes, they could dodge a bullet with 500 feet of space. Meaning Superman's reaction time is less then .1 second. Meaning he will be moving from Cyclops field of vision before cyclops can even think to fire. By the time cyclops has begun firing, Superman is already moving. Supes then dodges and closes the distance before cyclops realizes he has closed the distance. Be it 500 or 5 feet superman wins every single time.
TheOverlord 24 days ago
Okay aajay I can't. First it is much debated if cyclops actually cut logans hand off since it was at the joint meaning he could have simply cut it at it's absolute weakest, like popping logans wrist all the way out. Secondly you are fond of pointing out that cyclops could hit superman before superman could hit him via acceleration. However, you fail to wonder is superman could merely turn his body left or right to dodge. Average human reaction time, the time it takes for our brain to comprehend what our eyes see and give us a reaction, is .25 seconds. Cyclops is still part human, so his can not be much faster. Thus at absolute fastest he can start blasting at .25 seconds.
TheOverlord 26 days ago
Voted: Team Iron Man
Tony's greatest asset is changing out suits during combat. He can change into more powerful suits in a few minutes or less. He just has to hold Hal off for a minute or so and let his team take the attack. He could even set his suit to auto attack and hide himself until his other suits arrive. I agree his standard suit won't last against Hal, but Iron Man isn't stupid and is smart enough to wait it out.
TheOverlord 26 days ago
Voted: Team Iron Man
Iron Man's beaten Thor, Hulk, and sentry to name a few. He is easily matching Hal. And he has suits that Hal couldn't touch on his best day. Tony is more then a fair match for hal.
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