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I walk a straight path that separates two halves of the same twisted truth. one lies absolute chaos and insanity, the other peace and rationality. Now I didn't ask for this at least I don't think I did, either way it don't matter my destiny and fate is all ready predetermined and I've come to except the fact that this is all I was meant to be and all I ever will be. The things I've done regardless of my better judgement were all for a necessary cause. And after doing this long enough you become numb to the sad reality that even the innocent ones have to go when their hourglass empties, and I'll be there to take 'em to the other side and refill that same hour glass for the next one up. I am the long-awaited messenger of the dead, and the unwanted omen of the living, I am the Soul Collector.

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Rocket ManAles Faulkner
ShockwaveKhris Michaelson

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CyclopsScott Summers8
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IcemanBobby Drake10
Iron ManTony Stark14
JuggernautCain Marko11
Kakashi HatakeKakashi Hatake-
Luke SkywalkerLuke Skywalker12
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Power GirlKara Zor-L17
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3+ years member.
Attuma: I will strip your title of king, as a surface lover like you does not deserve such an honor.
Aquaman: Over my dead body Attuma.
Attuma: That can be easily arranged.
3+ years member.
Well this has became my favorite guilty pleasure in just a few hours so, I take my passion very seriously, lol.
3+ years member.
And some people just trolled.
3+ years member.
(I'm having way too much fun with these)
Captain America: Freedom is a right to all people Red Skull.
Red Skull: Don't worry Rodgers, they'll have all the freedom in the world, to bow before Hydra.
Captain America: A free man would never bow to anyone!
3+ years member.
Flash: Uh Dr. Banner, are you okay?
Hulk: Rhhaa! Hulk Smash!!!!
Flash: Alright speed, don't fail me now.
3+ years member.
Ultron: I am the greatest intelligence this universe has ever seen.
Brainiac: I beg to differ, if that's the case, you are implying no one has ever seen me.
Ultron: A simple creature like you will never be anything more than an honorable mention.
3+ years member.
Silver Surfer: I regret to inform you that this planet is Galactus' next target.
Superman: Well you tell this Galactus, that Earth is off the menu.
Silver Surfer: I wish that I could.
3+ years member.
Cyborg: Oh man! You're Tony Stark, I'm a huge fan.
Iron Man: Well thank you, do ya want an autograph?
Cyborg: No, I want to make a name for myself.
3+ years member.
Deathstroke: Another contract wearing spandex? Luckily the price on your head is high.
Spiderman: There's a price on my head? So they're paying you to lose?
Deathstroke: Just keep running that mouth of yours, because soon, you won't get to use it anymore.
3+ years member.
Thor: You're big, fought bigger.
Darkseid: You've never fought anyone like me Odinson.
Thor: Doesn't matter who thou are, when you all fall the same.
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