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As for the comic in which Stan Lee says time means nothing to the gods of Asgard, I don't understand why Thor fighting the Human Cobra in that comic has anything to do with time meaning absolutely nothing to the gods of Asgard. How does it make my COMIC BOOK out of context? Please, since I am assuming you know, what is the rest of the context the comic book is missing? I really do want to know. Why would I give you the out of context scan of the feat whenever you already have the name of the comic series, the volume number, the issue number, the page number, AND the panel number? That makes zero logical sense, @soulcollector34.
2+ years member.
Okay? Why should I have to prove that Jiren's speed doesn't transcend time? It is a moot point, considering time means absolutely nothing to the gods of Asgard, as I previously proved fact. And before you say that that is a mere statement someone said, let me remind you that that "someone" was Stan Lee, the writer himself, meaning hyperbole is no a factor. Yes, Thor has been blitzed before, but you also have to factor in who he was being "blitzed" by. Thor holds back against mortals and friends as a means to avoid the murder of countless men and to avoid the humbling of his friends, as expounded upon in 'The Avengers Volume 1 #149, Page #31'. Therefore, if the the being Thor was blitzed by was a mortal or was a friend, it is safe to say the only reason Thor got blitzed is because he was holding back. As for the pool thing, good thing that analogy has nothing to do with literally anything, considering Jiren lifted s**t. All he did was shake a limitless void with his aura. That isn't anything special. Oh, "...Thor isn't universal...?" You just done goofed. If Tor isn't Universal in power, then explain to me how he defeated the Destroyer (Thor Volume 3 #5, Page #18, Panel #4), Surtur and Ymir (Thor Volume 1 #425, Page #21, Panel #2), Mangog (Thor Volume 2 #25, Page #18, Panel #4), Mephisto (Thor Volume 1 #205, Page #19, Panel #3 and Thor Volume 1 #310, Page #21, Panel #6), an Odinforce Empowered Majeston Zelia (Thor Volume 2 #12, Page #32, Panel #2), Ego (Thor Volume 1 #227, Page #13, Panel #4), Glory (Chaos War: Thor #1, Page #10, Panel #3), Galactus (Thor Volume 1 #161, Page #18, Panel #4), the Void (Siege Volume 1 #4, Page #17, Panel #1), and Death (Thor Volume 2 #25, Pages #33-34).
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Hold on @soulcollector34. I am finally responding to our debate.
2+ years member.
I want to be taught how to debate.
2+ years member.
@ManofPower: Bring him to the site and we can debate officially
2+ years member.
@soratoumiga: Well good thing Mjolnir has decimated the master of the Power Cosmic within one blast.
2+ years member.
@soulcollector34: The Silver Surfer admitted that Mjolnir's magic is more powerful than his Power Cosmic in 'Silver Surfer Volume 1 #4, Page #36, Panel #7'.
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Basically all DC characters.
17 days ago
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"You must not be bias." Yeah, okay, @ManofPower. Calm down now. You are one of the most biased people on this website.
2+ years member.
@cw6334: I do believe I am the superior debater out of us all, yes. Actually, I know for a fact that I am.