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2+ years member.
#13) Oh, "a run for his money." You mean getting knocked out by Thor with one strike on accident? While Namor being at his fullest potential due to it raining? Don't try and make it seem like Namor has a chance against Thor. Putting up a fight and actually defeating someone are two completely different things. That is an empty statement. "Trading blows with them." Umm, last time I checked, only the Hulk was dealing the blows. Not once did the Celestials hit the Hulk with their attacks. They tried once, but that one missed, hitting another Celestial. And in which comic is it displayed that the Heart of The Universe is more powerful than the Living Tribunal, a being who embodies a Multiverse?
2+ years member.

#10) Lol, do you hear yourself? "By Time being broken, he meant that Time was broken." NAH, I would have never guessed, Sherlock. WRONG. Just, WRONG. Time was not broken by the actions, or creation, of Hulk Squared. Time, as repeatedly stated, was already broken long before the creation of Hulk Squared. Thanks for proving to everyone that YOU, not me, can't comprehend what the comic literally states. It LITERALLY says on Page #1, Panel #2 of 'Indestructible Hulk #14' that, "Time isn't just broken. It's in SHAMBLES." You actually have to know the context of a feat before you claim anything about it. The Hulk only destroyed an already broken Time Barrier, which isn't impressive AT ALL. So, TRY AGAIN.

#11) Do you mean 'cataclysmic'? If YoU aRe GoInG tO uSe ThE eNgLiSh LaNgUaGe, AcTuAlLy LeArN hOw To SpEaK iT. Anyways, Thor has been repeatedly stated as to be moving at unimaginable speeds. So I guess Thor can move at speeds faster than any being can imagine now, huh? What is your evidence to suggest that every Dimension is Universal in size? Yeah, you disproved s***, @TheNemianLion. You know what the definition of 'Multiverse' is. Don't try and manipulate a freaking official definition to appease your ridiculous argument. That is just PATHETIC. So try again.

#12) Oh yeah, that seems logical. They totally would have amplified Bruce Banner's speed and power. That makes sense. Lol, use your brain, please. Van Nyborg literally says, "Bruce Banner, we have need of you, but not in the fragile form you now wear. It is the Hulk we need, for only he can destroy the greatest enemy of the Undying Ones." This proves that Van Nyborg wasn't amplifying the attributes of Bruce Banner, but rather that of the Hulk. So try again.
2+ years member.
#7) Well you acted as if beating Juggernaut was impressive, I was just saying it isn't when compared to Thor. You still do not have sufficient evidence. Try again.

#8) "hurt her for so long she got up dazed." Please, give me the exact page in the comic in which Emma Frost was getting up from the Hulk's attack dazed. Nowhere in that comic can I find that happening. You obviously cannot read a simple comic. You are resorting to assumptions if you think that the Hulk took her out for a long time, which will not be acceptable from the likes of someone as I. So let me get this straight, you are trying to sit here and tell that it isn't PIS for a being who isn't even Planetary in power to defeat Thor. Okay, now you are just being completely unreasonable. I would imagine that there would be collateral damage from the attacks of Cyclops that would have hit the Earth. He obviously couldn't do much more than damage the Earth. So my point still stands. And Thor holds back on Earth so it would be expected for him to not destroy the Earth in every fight he participates in ( And what does plot armour have to do with literally anything?

#9) Uhh, that isn't Time though, now is it? That is a "Time Storm" and you have yet to prove that a "Time Storm" is a 4 Dimensional construct. Umm, last time I checked, a Multiverse did not equal 52 Universes. It is considered to be a Multiverse once it has an infinite amount of Universes inside it. The very definition of a 'Multiverse' is, "an INFINITE realm of being or potential being of which the Universe is regarded as a part or instance." Some logic you are using there. So try again.
2+ years member.
#4) So he is not base Hulk. Warriors Madness Thor is just a very angry level Thor, so I guess that means we can use him? Geez, your logic is painful to understand. Try again. Yeah, that was the Maestro variant of the Hulk. By no means is that base Hulk. And the fight was inconclusive, so you cannot claim it was a "stalemate." Try again.

#5) ... "unintelligent questions" ( So asking for evidence is unintelligent now? Okay, intelligent one. Could you get anymore painstakingly ridiculous? No, I am not going to waste my time reading an entire 5 part Graphic Novel just to find one ridiculous feat. YOU, my friend, are ridiculous. Go get a brain and try again.

#6) Do you know what would stop that? GIVING ME THE D*** COMIC, not some out of context scan. And whenever you know that you do not have sufficient evidence, do not blame it on technical problems and completely undermine giving evidence. Such a great debater as yourself should at least have enough common sense to know this, right?
2+ years member.
#1) Yes. In fact, the comic says, "Could anything be more significant than the end of all existence at the hands of Thanos?" (Thor Volume 2 #25, Page #2, Panel #1). This proves that the Thanos clone was as powerful as Death. Lol, what? Where did you get that from? God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit are all one in the same being. Jesus is just as powerful as God is.

#2) Umm, yeah, he did. You can be thrown around like a rag doll and still be perfectly fine. UsE sOmE lOgIc NoW. I mean, if someone were about to destroy my house, I would beg for him to stop. Not sure where you were going with that. When did I ever say that the Hulk didn't destroy the Dark Dimension? Don't start imagining things now, cupcake. Destroying the Dark Dimension is not a quantifiable feat considering we do not know how big it is. Try again.

#3) Lol, ( this is not a scan of the Hulk rendering Dormammu unconscious. Try again. I mean, if you don't have any evidence, just admit it. No need to waste anyone's time. ... Did you just tell me to look a SCAN up... on Google!? My god, you have become more worse than I ever thought. Come on now, you know I'm not accepting that s*** as evidence. Try again.
2+ years member.
Hmm, a rich human with some gadgets vs a being who can manipulate the fundamental forces of the Universe. I choose the latter of the two
2+ years member.
I said to give examples...
10 days ago
Team Battle
2+ years member.
Voted: Team Molecule Man

How is that whenever they only have Universal level feats?
2+ years member.
I like to collect crusty toe fungus and keep it in jars so that I can sprinkle it on my salads

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