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Voted: Hellbat
Batman wins because the suit was Forged On the Sun. And also since it was Forged On the sun by Superman, Batman would probably have kryptonite already Batman wins.
Voted: Batman
While this fight would still be going on once Batman makes a single loud noise Venom would be losing power or focus once that moment happens Batman keeps making loud noise to distract Venom and gets Eddie out of the Venom.
Voted: Freddy Krueger
Freddy can make Jason dream about he's drowning because Jason's is weak to water since he drowned as a kid before he was this, So I will say Freddy will take the win
Voted: Captain America
How the fight would go between one friend who knows him and the other that has forgotten him https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7VEBRrUp0vg
Voted: Wolverine
Wolverine has an Adamantium Skeleton Deadpool doesn't have an Adamantium Skeleton which most likely Wolverine will rip deadpool to shreds and end the fight, Deadpool doesn't die though he would still renegenrate Ik but wolverine most likely everytime they fight he will be the winner.
Voted: Wonder Woman
Wonder Woman is the better fighter but Wolverine will be able to survive just like I said about Wolverine, He has been experienced in battle for years he will find a way to stay alive.
Voted: Batman
If this is a battle of wits means using your brain I can see Batman winning but I'm only voting him because he might be lucky, I know spider man wins this but I just think Batman has a chance of luck.
Voted: Batman
Batman has mastered over 127 Martial Arts, DeathStroke didn't do that he was only trained in the military, Batman is the better fighter no debate please.
Voted: Batman
Batman is better than Deathstroke at fighting the only people that other people are beyond Batman at fighting is Lady Shiva, Richard Dragon, And Karate Kid.
Voted: Batman
Lets just switch end his life. That he doesn't fear death.
Moon Knight