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Jikan UchihaJikan Uchiha
Satori HyūgaSatori Hyūga

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Atom SmasherAlbert Julian Rothstein-
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Man of Miracles171
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Mister MxyzptlkMr. Mxyzptlk51
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Voted: Team Black Panther

I hate to vote against Naruto, but, ya know... Goku...
(My point is, author statements are valid evidence)
Stan WAS the author, if he was still writing it would be completely valid evidence.
Well, how about a Dragon Ball debate that basically never gets talked about.
Buu Arc Krillin vs Final Form Frieza
Goten and Trunks (Not fused) vs Perfect Cell
Shin vs Super Perfect Cell
Or anything that you can think of
I'm down for a Naruto debate.
A few off the top of my head are:
Prime Itachi vs Base Minato (Of which I think Minato wins)
Edo Nagato vs Edo Minato (Minato would win)
Base Jiraiya vs P1 Itachi (Itachi)
Hashirama vs the other Hokage (All while alive and in their prime)
Guy vs Jiraiya (Both allowed to power up; I think Guy probably, but Ma and Pa would be hard to deal with)
Alive Hashirama vs Edo Minato (To which I think Minato wins)
And anymore that you can think of, just whatever.

Voted: Goku

(Bare minimum)
Voted: Goku

You understand Goku is Millions of times faster than light, right?
Voted: Goku

Flash doesn't have the attack potency to harm Goku.
Voted: Goku

Wow man, my weeb was triggered in that second comment.
Thus making the person that uses the Wiki's "a bad debtor".
Your worst memory on this site

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