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I will be hokage someday.

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Akuno Ōtsutsuki
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I'm sorry, I wish you could stay. ☹️
Voted: Whis

P.S. Sorry for calling you a bitch 😅
Voted: Whis

"You you" is how you start off your sentence, which makes no Goddamn sense, like, at all. "oh no wait, ever" I'm assuming you meant every? "comment on this thread, IMABATMAN42 hasn't said anything either" That's a logical fallacy, I have said plenty in my comments, you just disregard them and call me a fanboy. Maybe you should work on your grammar skills. (Mic dropped, bitch)
Voted: Team Superman Prime

Voted: Whis

What the hell are you talking about? I have no idea what you just said.
Voted: Whis

Voted: Whis

Well, technically I said multiversal+, but it just makes sense, Goku, a multiversal+ level threat, meaning that Beerus is also a multiversal+ level character, although to a slight extent higher. How does it not make sense? And I could explain why Goku is a multiversal+ level character, but I think @Jak_Lanton, on the Goku comments explains it pretty well.
Voted: Whis

You know, I don't wanna bother debunking your bullshit, because you're just gonna call me a Dragon Ball fanboy, as you have in the past. But you know what, I'll do it, just for the hell of it. Oh shit, look at this, the definition for the 4th dimension "a dimension in addition to length, breadth, and depth; specifically : a coordinate in addition to three rectangular coordinates especially when interpreted as the time coordinate in a space-time continuum" Well, I guess it is time 🤔. How does Hit's move not freeze time? It's literally his ability, to freeze time and move while it's frozen. It doesn't matter if it's hax or not, either way it's freezing time. But, wait Jiren moved while time was frozen, hmm, but that can't happen, if time is frozen you can't move, unless time doesn't affect you, I.E you transcend time. Please give me an example of a person that transcends the 4th dimension, I.E the individual not being affected by time, being weaker than a 3rd dimensional character, I.E, humans.
Voted: Whis

One of his most notable feats is one-shotting Beerus, a Multiversal+ level fighter.
Voted: Whis

Well, Goku scales to Jiren who transcends time, I.E the 4th dimension, meaning Goku is 4th dimensional. Beerus, as of now, is greater than Goku, albeit, by a small margin but yeah, making Beerus high 4th dimensional. Whis is much more powerful than Beerus, so it's safe to say Whis is 5th dimensional, meaning he is high multiversal.
Wonder Woman

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