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@jongensoden Looking great. Maybe a bit more details on her weapons?
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Lol... 😀 Not sure why that got censored. Guess 'Having-it-off' is a sexual thing.
Probably until the new website is done.
Since most questions were about editing, I gave @DarkProdigy some extra 'power'. He can make you an editor or assign characters to you to edit.
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@Dark_Wing Because I got a lot of the same questions (that I already answered). And most should be asked in the forum for everyone to answer. And I try to put as much time as possible into the new website.
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No problem. I posted it after your post saying you're done.
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Could you clean up the 'relatives' a bit. Add some comma's and remove the '[x]'s.
I've reassigned Harley to you again.
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Thanks for letting me know.
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That was a bug, and should be fixed now.
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Oh, sorry. You need to login again. That should fix it.
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Editors can only pick from the list below. If you want to edit any other character, please ask @DarkProdigy as I'm busy with the new website.
Top 10 your favorite animated DC movies.