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1+ years member.
How is his intelligence not at 100.
1+ years member.
Intelligence: 85
Strength: 35
Speed: 35
Durability: 100
Power: 100
Combat: 100
1+ years member.
Needs to be updated
1+ years member.
Why do both MCU Bucky Barnes and Black Panther have faster speed than Captain America.
1+ years member.
Aquaman's power should be much higher.
1+ years member.
Combat should be higher and speed and intelligence should be at 100
1+ years member.
Can someone update Percy Jackson
1+ years member.
His durability should be at 100.
1+ years member.
If MCU Bucky has 70 as his speed, shouldn't Cap have the same.
1+ years member.
How does MCU Black Panther and Captain America have a lower level than Black Widow

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