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Voted: Talon

I think talon will win.
Intelligence:cap(both are excellent strategist but i'l give the edge to cap)
strenght:cap( talon has no advantage over captain in this category)
speed: talon (talon was trained to be an assassin.not even close)
durability: talon( talon is immortal thanks to electrum and was thrown over the wayne tower and survived)
power: equal(talon have more weapons but the shield can compete.
combat:talon(can compete with Batman and even beat him)
The hardest category to evaluate:
captain: born in 1917. In 1940 he became captain america thanks to the serum. Towards the end of the war (1945) he was frozen and the avengers woke him up in 1960. He died in 2007 (civil war).
He had 65 years of activity.
Talon: born in 1901 and is still alive. 2018-1901 = 117 years
Talon has more experience.
Voted: Deathstroke

most people think Deadpool is immortal. But thanos has canceled the curse and he is deadly again. Even though he is immortal, deathstroke has better fighting skills and smarter and can put him unconscious. however, if it is immortal, deathstroke may have better capacity (except the regenerating factor), it will not hold.
Not voted yet

deadpool was beaten by moon knight in the comics. deadpool won against wolverine. moon knight>wolverine?
Voted: Green Arrow

decorative but it does not matter
Voted: Green Arrow

decorative but it does not matter
Voted: Green Arrow

but I chose arrow because I have a bow
Voted: Green Arrow

Black canary wins before new 52
Arrow wins after new 52