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Ultraman King

Ultraman King


Ultra Series Universe

Ultraman King's History

Ultraman King (ウルトラマンキング Urutoraman Kingu) is one of the oldest and most powerful Ultras in the history of the Ultraman Series, having been alive for quite some time before the construction of the Plasma Spark that turned the Residents of the Land of Light into Ultras. With his age, knowledge and miraculous powers, King is a greatly revered figure in the World of the Land of Light, and throughout the Multiverse.

Despite the name, he is not the king of the Land of Light and he observes the events of the universe (and beyond) while meditating on a planet where only he lives, though his true home world is unknown. "King" is also not his original name, as he stated that is the name humanity gave him and that he has had many from many races across the universe.

Ultraman King appears rarely throughout the various series and only intervenes when he deems it necessary, which to date has only happened eight times. Some of his interventions have been minor, such as granting Ultraman Hikari the Knight Brace or resurrecting Ultraman Leo. On other occasions he has been forced to take more drastic actions against the villains of the multiverse such as when he initially sealed Belial away or when he recreated the universe destroyed after Belial escaped.