Ultimate Avengers

A Comics collection created by Dusk_Pikachu

Collector Dusk_Pikachu
Type Comics
About The Ultimate Avengers is a stronger version of the Avengers invented by myself. If you wonder why Superman is in the Ultimate Avengers, this is the story. Superman was under control by Darkseid. He was found by the Ultimate Avengers who captured him and removed Darkseid's beam's control over him. Afterwards, Superman decided to join the Ultimate Avengers. The Ultimate Avengers battles Thanos and, after a long fight, they defeated him. They removed the Infinity Gauntlet from his arm and they kept it in their home base. Members who left: Superman, Thor.

Collection items

Blue Marvel Adam Brashear
Blue Marvel
Infinity Gauntlet Object
Infinity Gauntlet
Iron Man (God-Killer) Tony Stark
Iron Man (God-Killer)
Sentry Robert Reynolds