Trigon's Powers

Demonic Physiology

Trigon is very tall, has multiple eyes, horns and red skin.

Dimensional Travel


Illusion Casting

Trigon is a master manipulator and can create elaborate illusions to fool others.

Mind Control

Trigon can possess anyone he feels necessary for his plots. He has controlled hundreds of people and the most powerful of champions.


Trigon can generate and manipulate hellfire. He can project its as fiery blasts, or spew it from his mouth, and erupt it from the floor.


Trigon is capable of projecting his hellfire from his mouth, or as powerful blasts from his hands.

Superhuman Durability

Trigon's body was only ever hurt by Red Robin and his uniquely sharp wings. He was unhurt by Superboy's telekinesis, Bunker's bricks, Beast Boy's bites and Wonder Girl's fists.

Superhuman Strength

Trigon can crush buildings and tear apart streets.


Trigon can mentally manipulate the movement of objects.


Trigon can teleport to and from his demonic dimension.


Trigon's body gives off a powerful heat.

Trigon's Weaknesses